July 10, 2015

Homemade Donuts...Made with Love and a Little Toddler Slobber

Oliver and I planned on going to mass this morning and then to Krispy Kreme to get a dozen donuts for 78 cents for their 78th anniversary, but I forgot that mass is at a different time on Fridays.  And then I found out that Krispy Kreme's deal was actually for the second dozen donuts if you bought a dozen.  We definitely do not need 24 donuts in our house (and probably don't need a dozen), so that was a no go! Oh, and I'm also a little stubborn and was not going to pay regular price for a dozen when I thought we'd be getting them for 78 cents! Since I had talked up getting donuts to Oliver,  I decided we would make our own.  After a long morning walk at the greenway to balance out all the calories, we headed off to the grocery store together to get the ingredients we needed. 
I used a recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction. They're baked, so they're not your typical donut, but anything covered in chocolate ganache is good in my book! :)  I used a ganache recipe with just cream and chocolate rather than the one in her recipe for the sake of simplicity.  I don't have a donut pan, so I used a jumbo muffin pan instead. 
I tried to wing making white chocolate ganache, but that didn't work out too great, so next time I'll look for an actual recipe! Live and learn! I have a husband that will eat it by the spoonful regardless, so at least it won't go to waste. ;) 

Anyhow, I'm learning to embrace having a toddler in the kitchen rather than trying to kick him out.  It makes things go a little more slowly, but he is so, so sweet trying to help.  He loves mixing, or rather attempting to mix! He gets a look of such concentration and says "Mix, mix, mix!" 
 Having him in the kitchen does help me to slow down, appreciate the moment, and exercise a little patience rather than rushing through to get something made, so I am grateful for that. 

As you can imagine, the chocolate dipping was his favorite part, and I think the pictures speak for themselves!  

He also loved pouring sprinkles on the donuts and just wouldn't stop, so these bad boys are fully loaded! 

The one and only problem with these donuts? We are going to be finding sprinkles for WEEKS!  I had everything laid out perfectly on a towel to catch the sprinkles while we worked on them, and when I took the dishes away, he picked up the towel to help "clean," and spilled sprinkles all.over.everything!  It took longer to clean everything up than it did to make the donuts, but it was so worth the joy of watching him!  
Hope you all have a happy weekend! We're looking forward to sharing some donuts with Thomas when he gets home soon! 


  1. Your pictures are just beautiful. I've learned so much patience (the excruciatingly painful way) by having the girls help in the kitchen. But now Rebecca can make her own sandwich and cut up fruit by herself. Keep up the great work!

  2. Love how his shirt mysteriously disappears right when the chocolate dipping starts ;)

  3. Two things!

    1.) My mom had my twin brother and I helping her cook as soon as we could stand on the back of a chair. It took her three times as long to make things but the two of us learned to cook a full meal by the time we were in elementary school and we can both cook very well from scratch.

    2.) There is a series of murder mysteries by Jessica Beck that take place in a small town donut shop in North Carolina. She intersperses recipes between the chapters. I'm a murder mystery snob and these books have held my attention!