June 24, 2015

Soaking up Summer Break!

Warning: Picture overload and lots of rambling to follow! 

Hands down, the best perk of working in a school system is summer break! I am soaking up every bit of time with the sweetest little peanut in town.  We've been filling our days with trips to the pond, morning mass, walks, and reading more books than you could imagine. 
He is just so much fun to be with. When we went to the pond last week, he threw a couple pieces of bread for the ducks, and then he looked at me with the cheekiest smile and shoved bread into his mouth as fast as he could! Thomas and I say this every month, but 18 months really does seem like the best age yet! It's so much fun watching his personality unfold. He talks up a storm and is the most joyful, curious, giggly toddler.  
 Mouth full of bread 

We've also been spending a lot of time coloring, playing with trucks, and playing with blocks. He asks to "play, play, play!" all day long from the moment he wakes up in the morning until the time he settles down for bed. 

We've gone on a couple outings, and last week we went to the dollar summer movies to see Nut Job in 3D.  Oliver cracked me up laughing whenever one of the characters laughed! He made it through about an hour and fifteen minutes before grabbing my hand and asking to go home, which was a lot longer than I had anticipated.  And he was so not taking those glasses off to put in the recycling container when we left! 

Yesterday was a quite a day. We made plans with Thomas to meet up with him for a picnic lunch near his work.  After making the hour drive out to see him, I got Oliver out of the car and locked my keys and both of our lunches in the car.  We hung out at Thomas's office for an hour until Triple A came to the rescue to open the door.  Oliver ended up eating Thomas's lunch, and Thomas's sweet co-workers gave us balls, stickers, and paper and highlighters to color to keep him entertained while we were there!  Thankfully Oliver got a kick out of all of the attention on him, so he was Mr. Flirty and Well-Behaved.  And even more thankfully, those two men of mine still love me like crazy, even on the days I'm just not with it.  After all that nonsense, Oliver and I had a sweet mommy and me date at the kid's museum, which was a blast! It was almost completely empty, so it was perfect for my little dinosaur explorer. :) 
We cherish our time spent with Thomas in the evenings and weekends! As soon as Thomas walks in the door, Oliver runs and screams "Dada! Dada," says "Hand," holds his hand, and says "Bounce! Bounce!" He leads Thomas straight to our room where Thomas tosses and bounces him on the bed with non-stop giggling heard throughout the house! Reading is occasionally involved, and the evenings together are the highlight of everyone's day in our home. 

We love finding things around the area on weekends that little boys love to do, like waterfront walks by all the boats and a trip to the fire station.  That boy sure does love fire trucks! 

We've also been able to spend a lot of my family, which has been so needed.  Oliver can't get enough of his grandparents, and he occasionally whines during the day and says "Pop pop and Mimi! Pop pop and Mimi!" We may or may not Facetime them every day, and he gets so excited each and every time. 

He also adores his Aunt Hannah and Uncle Jesse, and it is the sweetest thing watching them love on him! 

Oh, that Cool Whip container is his favorite toy at Mimi and Pop Pop's house. And the next picture is his new game with Pop Pop where he gets pulled up and down the hallway on a rug.  There's never a dull moment, that's for sure! 

The best part of last week was going home to visit my family when my grandma was in town! Oliver absolutely adores her, and it's so special watching him interact with his great grandma. Every time she left the room, he went around the house looking for her, saying "Mah maw!" "Mah Maw!" 
She has been doing a Slovak nursery rhyme that my grandpa used to do with all of us, and Oliver thinks it's hilarious! I will forever treasure the pictures of these two together. 

Other than that, we've just been trying to cool off from these 100 degree days however we can, and it usually involves water. Oliver is such a little water baby and frequently asks for the pool and to swim.  It's a good thing he thinks the kiddie pool is the best thing in the world! 

It's been such a blessing having all of this quality time with Oliver, and I know we'll be making the most of it over the next two months.  I will be working a couple hours a week at a nursing home starting at the end of this week to save some money for my unpaid maternity leave, so any prayers for a positive experience and a smooth adjustment to a new setting would be appreciated! I really enjoyed working with older patients during my fieldwork, so I think it will be fun to have a complete change from working with little ones the rest of the year. 

My hope is to blog a little more frequently over summer break when Oliver's napping, but we'll see how that goes! 


  1. Love this update! What joy-filled times. Prayers for you in this beautiful, blessed season. Hope you're feeling well!

  2. Oliver is getting so big! I am glad you are having a great summer together.

  3. I can't believe how big Oliver is getting! 18 months is a wonderful age - they are such fun! He looks so much like Thomas in some of those photos, though I see you too! :) Those pictures with great-grandparents are definitely to be treasured. I have a few of C & G with my Grandma and they are among my most favorites. Enjoy your summer break! And of course, praying for your experience at the nursing home!

  4. Love having you back to blogging!!! So wonderfully happy for you and your summer together! Your pictures are beautiful and your little boy? He's just adorable. One happy family! Blessings to you as you start at the end of this week. It'll be great!

  5. So sweet and precious! 18 months has always been one of my favorites. Enjoy this time!!