February 24, 2015

Snow Day!!!

We had an unexpected, legitimate snow day today, and I loved every single bit of it! We've been hoping for a little bit of snow since our ice days last week, but the weather man predicted that it wouldn't stick. How wrong he was! We woke up this morning to find it would be indeed be a snow day! It started snowing in the morning, and it just kept coming down all day long! 

We were so glad Oliver got to experience snow this year! I remember we took him out when he was a newborn for just a few minutes when we got snow last year, and he screamed his head off.  He was a blast this year, and I know he will be even more so next year!

Of course his favorite thing to do was to eat the snow. No surprises there since he's a bottomless pit who eats anything and everything and then some. 

Thomas and I went out and built a mini snowman while he took his afternoon nap, and he thought it was the best thing ever!!! 
He stole the snowman's nose to eat and Thomas and I were pretty much crying from laughing so hard! 

Do you see it tucked in his hand here? Not a chance we were getting that carrot back from him.
When we got back inside, he disappeared to the back door countless times to point at, wave to, and blow kisses to the "mon mon."  

He's the absolute cutest, and I couldn't be more thankful for all of our extra family time over these past two weeks. The rest of our day was filled with lots of relaxation, playing, reading (and reading and reading and reading), and a little bit of playing in daddy's clothes! 

 He has so much spunk and I can't get enough of it! 

I have tomorrow off as well, and we're pretty sure Thomas will too!  I am so looking forward to another snow day and I especially can't wait to take Oliver back out to see his new friend the "mon mon" again in the morning! :) 


  1. I cannot believe how big Oliver has gotten!!! He is the cutest! I'm glad you had a wonderful laughter-filled snow day!!!!

  2. Keep enjoying every single minute!!

    Yesterday while the girls were at horse lessons, I was working on deleting old images from my camera (I had run out of room to shoot video). I know I had already saved all the photos onto my computer, but hadn't saved any of the video. I was going back and watching the short video clips on my camera (most were of Little C) and I was just in awe over all those 18-24 month moments. So precious and sweet! They pass so quickly.

  3. He is so beautiful!! Love your pictures!

  4. Wow! So cute! I really thought he looked like a combo of the two of you but in some of these pictures-the indoor ones especially, he looks so much like Thomas! Cute!

  5. What fun! It makes me sad we don't live somewhere with snow. Even better when you get to play in it! Have a great time tomorrow.