November 11, 2014

Oliver: 11 Months Old

Our sweet little nugget is one month away from turning a year old. He's looking less like a baby and more like a toddler every day. It's bittersweet, as I miss all of his early baby stages, but I'm loving watching his little personality unfold. He is sweet, curious, snuggly, friendly, feisty, and more and more fun as each month passes.  

There's so much I want to soak in and remember about him at this stage - the way he lights up and speed crawls to the door when Thomas gets home at night, how he shovels in food by the fistful, how he fake laughs to get us to laugh, how he points and squeals at dogs and trucks, and how he smiles when he sees me and Thomas kiss. He loves patty cake, peekaboo, dancing with us, chasing his balls and cars around and around the house, banging on pots and pans, getting tossed in the air, going for walks and runs in the stroller, and eating everything and anything we give him (and anything else he finds around the house). He's curious about how everything works, and we often find him pushing his high chair around the house and flipping over his cars to look at and poke the wheels. 

From before he was born, I've prayed for his heart to be filled with joy and the Lord has certainly answered that prayer. He is such a happy, content baby and he lights up our lives, and the lives of those around him, with his sweet smiles and giggles.   
He's getting pretty feisty too! Whenever we take him grocery shopping or to the store, he points and waves at everyone (and everything), and if someone doesn't look at him, he'll shriek until he gets their attention.  

He's been crawling for the past few months, and he can't stand to be still for a long period of time, which has made going to church pretty interesting. Along with that, we have to be very careful not to sit behind women with long, interesting hair or to look at our missals in church because he will rip pages out of the book or try to yank people's hair.  He's lucky everyone thinks he's cute for now! 
He's started developing separation anxiety, and we cannot go to another room without him getting upset, even if he's been playing independently. He also crawls up to us all the time, pulls up on our legs, and reaches up for us to pick him up which makes me melt every.single.time. I think he mostly does it because he's so curious and wants to see what's going on at our level, especially if I'm cooking in the kitchen, but I still love it! 
His favorite part of the day is bath time, which makes it our favorite part of the day too. This kid is an absolute trip when we plop him in the tub. He whips his washcloth around, splashes fanatically, and laughs hysterically throughout the entire bath. By the end of it, everyone and everything in the bathroom is soaking wet, and Thomas and I are both in tears from laughing so hard. 
His other favorite thing to do is to read.  If we ever need to get stuff done, we put a big pile of books in the middle of the floor and he could look at them all day long! He's adorable when he brings me a book to get me to read it to him, and he snuggles right up to us to read stories at night. I hope he always has that love of books.
It's so exciting watching him develop! He walks while we hold his hands, but hasn't taken his first steps on his own yet. He bounces up down while he's standing or rocks on his hands and knees when we play music. I'm totally claiming "mom" as his first word because when I got back from being out of town for a few days, he said it as soon as he saw me! Other than that, it's a lot of mamama, dadada, ba for ball, bu for book, and du for duck. This kid eats and nurses like a champ and is still representing the top 90 something percent of the charts. 
Our little man is such a gem. I'm so thankful that God gave us him as a precious gift, and I can't stop myself from thanking him every time I hold Oliver. He has enriched our lives and strengthened the love in our home. We can't imagine life without him!  


  1. He is such a beautiful little boy Caitlin! How blessed you are!

  2. He's so precious, Caitlin! It's also been fun to watch your photography skills grow. These shots are gorgeous! They look professional!

  3. He is precious!
    Simply adorable!
    And blessed to be your son. : )

  4. He is adorable! I cannot believe he's almost a year old!

  5. I can't believe he's almost one year already! What a little cutie!

  6. He is so adorable! Isn't it crazy how quickly the time passes? I've enjoyed each stage with our children. It is so rewarding to be a parent, to have a little one on loan from God!

  7. Those are some AMAZING photos Caitlin! And he is one cutie!

  8. Adorable!! I just recently discovered you've started blogging again, I'll have to add you back to my list :-) Your photography is gorgeous, too!