November 1, 2014

Halloween with Our Baby Elephant

I've been looking back at old blog posts seeing what we did in fall in previous years, and it's made me want to jump back on the blogging bandwagon. I'm going to post now and then when I have time because I love being able to look back on this little space to see all the memories we created together as a family. 

Halloween was so exciting this year with our sweet Oliver! Thomas and I have always dressed up together (mouse and cheese, PB & J, cookie and milk, etc), and we were so excited to be able to dress up with Oliver! We have to take advantage of it now before he becomes too cool for us! ;)  I had an idea for our costumes before he was born, and I bought him a lion costume at a consignment sale.  However, that gigantic baby of ours outgrew his 12-18 month costume when he was about eight months, elephant it was! And what a precious baby elephant! 

We are cheesy and dressed up like we were going on a safari. I know, I know. He has to get used to it though because we'll be embarrassing him by dressing together for Halloween as long as we can! 
We didn't take him trick or treating since he can't eat candy yet, but since it was our first year in our new home, we passed out candy to the all trick or treaters. It was so much fun seeing all the costumes. Princess Elsas, and princesses in general, were out in full force, and I was loving them! 

We played with Oliver while I made macaroni and cheese, and, like most babies, he wasn't a fan of having his head piece on. He looked like he was wearing a gray straight jacket without his ears, so every time the doorbell rang, we scrambled to put his head piece on before answering the door! He got such a kick out of seeing the trick or treaters, and their parents got a kick out seeing him! :) 
We went to a neighborhood party past Oliver's bed time and thought it might end up being a disaster, but I think he was tired to the point of being delirious because he laughed and laughed almost the entire time. He pointed and waved at everyone and everything, and he was especially intrigued by a dog and a sweet little eight month old dressed as a chili pepper! :) We met more of our neighbors and left feeling so thankful for the gift of community and for all of the young families and kids in our neighborhood. 

It was a very happy first Halloween for our little man! Hope you all had a good one too! 

And just for kicks, here's a picture of him in the lion costume before he outgrew it! 


  1. You all are adorable! Thanks for posting!

  2. Well, I know how busy life is...
    but I am soooo glad you posted here!
    I am missing you, my friend!
    And love your Halloween with you family!
    Blogging is a wonderful way to record moments will forget. : )
    Have a wonderful week! : )

  3. oh he is beautiful... simply adorable! okay... all of you are! I love new families! Love them! So glad you're going to be back to blogging a bit.. We miss ya!

  4. Ha ha ha! Love that costume theme!

  5. He's grown up so much! I love the family theme idea.

  6. Those pictures are great! So fun!

  7. Your little guy is so stinking adorable in that elephant costume! Love witnessing the love your little family has for one another. Truly beautiful. So great to read a little update!

  8. He is so adorable... and so big!!! :) Thanks for the update - been missing your posts!