June 30, 2014

Mountain Adventure

There's a mountain I've heard about that's supposed to be gorgeous and completely covered in flowers in June.  I have been wanting to go for the past few years, but we've always had something else going on.  We were so gung ho about going this year that neither of us remembered to check the weather or if the flowers were still in bloom before we left...

We drove the four hour drive to my parent's house Friday night and embarked on our three hour trip to the mountains Saturday morning.  As we got closer, the sky became grayer and grayer, and I'm telling you, the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down.  That should have been our sign to turn around and go home, but we were determined to make it up that mountain after all the time in the car.  It was still raining when we reached the visitor's center, so we ate our lunch picnic in the car and waited, hoping it would stop.  
We got a map and directions and drove up to the top of the mountain on a winding eight mile road.  The higher we got, the more foggy it was and the rain was coming and going. When we finally got to the top, there was a booth where we had to pay a parking fee.  "Are you sure you want to go?" the park ranger asked with a look on his face that was less than reassuring, and he further explained that you could hardly see anything and that the flowers were just past their peak.  

I sat there thinking by golly, we've driven seven hours to see this mountain, of course we are getting out of this stinking car to look around! 

So, we pulled in and parked. The rain stopped, but the fog just didn't disappear.  We got onto the path, and this was our view.    
We looked at each other and just started laughing, wondering why we were so dumb to forget to check the weather before we did all that driving.  We hiked around for a while to look at all the scenery.  It was not what we were hoping and planning on seeing, but it was still beautiful! 
The flowers were only 30% in bloom, but hey, we saw them! ;) 
Oliver was a little trooper, and we had so much fun taking him on a day trip for the first time.  We're soaking up this time where he's so small and easygoing that we can plop him in the Ergo and take him anywhere. 

 Once we drove back down the mountain, the sun started to make it's appearance for the day.  We stopped at a couple of overlooks to take it all in and the views were breathtaking.  
We had seen signs for a waterfall on the way to the mountain, so we decided to stop there on the way back to make the drive worth it.  We did a mini-hike to see the falls, and it was amazing!    
I never cease to be in awe of God's creation.  

While it wasn't the trip we had planned, it still ended up being a special day.  I loved hiking with my boys, and I can't complain about hours of uninterrupted chatting and hand holding in the car while the little man slept.  

However, when we got in the car to head back home, Thomas looked at me and said "That was fun, but we are not going next year."  I laughed and completely agreed...well, unless we check the weather first! ;) 


  1. Being together... Anywhere...offers the best view in the world.
    And you already realize that. : )
    Cutie pie, he is!

  2. lol, we've had a few trips like that. Oliver is adorable btw.

  3. I can't believe how big Oliver is getting! He's so handsome. I am glad you guys had a fun trip, even if the weather didn't cooperate,

  4. I can't believe how big Oliver is getting, handsome too! I am glad you had a good trip, even if the weather didn't cooperate.

  5. It's beautiful rain or shine! And so glad to see you back! Your little baby is oh so sweet! I'm sure you're enjoying this summer bunches! ~tara

  6. Loved reading about your adventure! You always have such wonderful photography. And what a sweet family, too. Blessings to you, Caitlin!