December 6, 2013

Be Still and Know that I am God

Thomas and I are still waiting for our sweet baby boy to arrive.  I keep gazing at his 4D ultrasound pictures, and my heart is filled with so much joy thinking about seeing him and holding him for the first time. 
We went for an appointment yesterday, and they told us that the baby looks great and is doing everything he is supposed to be doing except coming out!  The ultrasound technician said he looks way too snugly and comfortable in there. :) They will let me go up to 42 weeks, and we feel so blessed to have midwives who are helping us to avoid an induction for as long as possible.  

In the meantime, we are continuing to wait.  It's fitting that this period of waiting falls during the time of Advent.  I constantly hear this verse resound in my head:

"Be still and know that I am God."

And that is exactly what I am trying to do with these days. Simply being rather than doing. I know this is a really unique time in life, and I will probably not have a period of waiting for a baby in just this way again. Now that I'm finished with fieldwork, my days are filled with time to just be still.  If God does bless us with more children in the future, I'll most likely be working up until the day those babies are born, and we'll also be busy taking care of the other kids.  I'm savoring this sweet time to just be with God. 

Usually my Advent season begins with exams, and then there's the quick hustle and bustle to get ready for Christmas in the two weeks that follow.  This is the first year we got all of our Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, and we got our tree the day after Thanksgiving since there was a chance the baby would arrive early.  With all of that done, there's even more time to spend waiting and enjoying the peace, and it's made for a relaxing, simple Advent.  
I'm taking advantage of this time to prepare my heart for Christmas and for our baby's arrival.  I've been blessed to have the time to go to morning masses and to finally start reading several books I've been wanting to read for a while (Mere Christianity, Man's Search for Meaning, The Lamb's Supper, and The Screwtape Letters).  I've had time to bake, cook, and sew to my heart's content.  I am so thankful for my relaxing days at home and my evenings with my husband. We've had multiple "false alarms" that got us overly excited thinking the baby was coming, but we're still here waiting. We have been continuing to fill our time together with walks, board games, drinking homemade hot chocolate and chatting on the couch, and doing our Advent reflections together.  I feel so thankful for a such a good and faithful man who will be such a wonderful dad to our baby.
Even though I can't help but want this baby to come sooner rather than later (especially upon finding out he's about 8lbs 7 oz!!), I feel content and will savor this period of waiting. I know God's timing is perfect and the baby will arrive when he's ready.  We will continue to enjoy this peaceful time, filled with gratitude for the time to relax and rejuvenate before the upcoming days ahead of taking care of a newborn. 


  1. Your sense of peace is so beautiful, Caitlin, and what a HUGE blessing to be experiencing Advent this way! Can't, can't wait to hear about your little guy's arrival; I'll be praying for you three! xoxo

  2. That's one thing I need to do this Advent: just relax, be still, be with God, reflect on the coming of our Savior. But life is crazy as usual: our tree is up but we don't have a single Christmas gift for anyone!!! School and work are keeping me busy and it's hard to find time to really live the season of Advent. But I'm so glad to have read your post and it sounds wonderful that you are enjoying such a beautiful period of your life just waiting and putting everything in the hands of the Lord.
    Peace and Blessings to you and Thomas!!!

  3. What a beautiful reflection, Caitlin. Your quiet, peace-filled heart is such a witness to the way God is working in your life. Prayers!

  4. Thanks for the update! I was thinking of you just last night. Keep us posted :) Happy feast of St. Nicholas!

  5. Beautiful beautiful beautiful post!

  6. What a wonderful time though for you not only to prepare your heart for the birth of Jesus but also for your own Christmas Babe!

  7. Love this mindset! PS My doctor thought Matthew was going to be a 9+ pound baby... He was 7 lb 8 oz. Their guesses via ultrasound/measuring are usually WAY off :)

  8. Caitlin, you are wise beyond your years, my friend.
    How wonderful for you to be able to recognize how very special this time is for you and your husband. There is only one time in your life that you have your first child. And you my friend, appreciate and are enjoying it. Blessings and hugs! Will be here waiting!

  9. Blessings to you as you live out the meaning of Advent right now!

  10. Such a beautiful time in your life and how special he will be born during Advent! Awaiting to see his precious little face :)