November 17, 2013

38 Week Bumpdate

Two more weeks to go...or so I thought until my midwife said to plan on going to 42 weeks because most first time moms deliver late.  I can't stand the thought of waiting almost another month until he gets here!  

Our Baby:
  • He is potentially 7 pounds and 20 inches long, he's continuing to grow more plump, and his brain and nervous system are having some final touches.  He's also starting to shed his vernix and lanugo.  

Best Parts of the Week:
  • Thomas's office threw him a surprise baby shower, which was so sweet!  He didn't take any pictures there, but he brought home some of the decorations to show me. :)  His co-workers were so generous, and I continue to be amazed by how God has provided everything we could possibly need and more to take care of this baby.

  • I worked on some sewing projects this week for the little man!  He has so many sweet handmade things, but nothing from his mama so I figured it would be fun to whip out my sewing machine to practice and to make him something out of love!  I made him some burping cloths out of cloth diapers...

...and I also made some receiving blankets thanks to the flannel fabric at Joann's being 60% off!  Thomas even contributed by helping me get the lines straight and cutting the fabric! :)

  • However, I am most excited by my mom's project this week!  She sent me a picture of the Santa hat and diaper cover she crocheted for him, and I am IN LOVE.  Can't wait to put that sweet little newborn in these to take a few Christmas photos of him! :) 

Symptoms:  Everything is just uncomfortable right now and I continue to have back pain and sciatica.  Also, it takes every bit of effort to roll over in bed and to get off the couch! 

Cravings: Frozen lemonade! 

We are so ready to meet this boy it's not even funny!  We can't stop thinking about him, talking about him, and wondering how life will change once he is here


  1. Sorry you're so uncomfortable! The good news is, as soon as the baby is born, you will barely remember the discomfort! I love your sewing projects - I have a sewing machine sitting in the box still unopened and I really need to crack it open and start some basic projects - burp cloths sound like an easy practice project and I have so many expecting friends that could use them!

  2. My first baby came at 39 weeks!

    Sciatica is the worst. I found that wearing a maternity support belt helped.

    Love the cute blankets and Santa gear! It is so fun to have a newborn at Christmas (my fourth was born on Nov 26).

  3. Ooooh Caitlin!
    You are almost there!
    So excited for you both...and I agree...winter babies are the best!
    You can hunker down, and snuggle up all sweet and cozy! : )

  4. Yay! Oh, I remember those days of feeling like a whale on the beach when I wanted to turn over. You don't look like a whale, though-you are seriously so cute! Prayers for your comfort and his timely arrival! :) maybe he'll be born on St. Nicholas Day, though I hope for your sake he is ready sooner!

  5. Oh the end is so uncomfortable, but that's what makes you willing to go through labor :)

    You look awesome still, and all my babies were early, so you never know!!

  6. Hang in there it will all be over soon ..
    We just adopted ours 2 weeks old and we can't get enough of her.
    praying for you.

  7. I'm sure you will deliver in God's timing- but if it is any consolation I delivered at 39 weeks and two days! You never know :)

  8. Everything looks great! You've already past me first baby was born at exactly 36 weeks, so it could be anytime!

  9. I have to tell you, these last two weeks can be just as hard as the first trimester. But it will come with the most joy-filled price :) I LOVE the diaper cover! How cute is that!

  10. Love those receiving blankets you sewed... adorable and babies love to be tightly swaddled in them. Now he'll be swaddled in your love cuz you made them! And oh that Santa outfit, I just did a photo-shoot with a newborn in an outfit like that! Soooo cute! Try putting lights around him to add to the effect. Newborns are tough to photograph but I've gotten better with time. Email me if you have any questions as you venture into it! Enjoy!


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