November 10, 2013

37 Week Bumpdate

It's hard to believe I'm now full-term and 37 weeks! Three more weeks seems like such a short time until this baby boy is born, and I know it will fly by!  I am so, so eager to snuggle and love on this boy, and so is his daddy!  Ever since the midwife showed Thomas how to listen to the baby's heartbeat, he listens for it whenever he talks to him (all the time), which is one of the sweetest things in the world! 

Our baby: 
  • When my midwife felt him on Tuesday, she said he feels like he's between 5.5 and 6 pounds and she thinks he'll be about 7.5 to high 7s when he's born! 
  • I am not dilated yet, but according to the L&D nurses who did our tour at the hospital, dilation really does not give any clue as to when the baby is going to arrive.

Best parts of the week: There have been so many good things going on for us this week! 
  • Our Bible study group had a sweet little baby shower for us before Bible study on Monday! We are so, so blessed to be a part of our church community and truly thankful to have so many people who already love our baby boy! 

  • We finally finished our baby project!  We transformed a cherry bookshelf we had into a baby wardrobe by sanding it, painting it, adding a fabric background, and putting shower rods in it to hang the baby clothes!  And by we.....I mean that Thomas put hours and hours into it and I helped where I could! :)  I wish I had a before picture to share! 

  • My parents came to visit this weekend and brought us even more baby things and gifts from some of her friends at work!  I told my mom that I was unable to find a cozy blue winter outfit with bear ears in a small size for the baby, so she of course went looking and found one!  She also crocheted him a sweet little blue hat (actually she made two haha!) and I am SO excited to see our little man looking all snuggly and warm!  Bear ears are my absolute favorite baby thing, and I've always wanted to dress my baby in one of these suits in the winter! :) 

My mom also brought us a really cute Pottery Barn animal rug that one of the teachers at my mom's school gave her to give me!  Our little study is transforming from our storage room to a hodgepodge of our junk and storage for the baby! 

Symptoms:  I'm continuing to have back pain and just started having occasional sharp pains shooting down my legs, which is so not fun!  I suppose that's sciatica. 

Cravings: Not much of anything to be honest! 

Funny Things:  

  • I never thought I'd share a picture of my bare belly on the internet, but this is kind of funny!  My midwife drew a picture of the baby's current position at my appointment this week! Still head down and ready to go! 

I'm going to have to try to take my mind off of the baby over the next few weeks while I study for my board exam, but I know that is going to be hard to do!  I'm just so ready for this guy to make his appearance! 

Any tips for packing the bag for the hospital?  Does anyone have prayer intentions they'd like me to pray for while I'm in labor? 


  1. Socks! Lots and lots of socks! If you are up and moving after your water brokes, fluid will continue to trickle down and get your socks wet. And who wants to go barefoot on a hospital floor? And pack something that you feel cute in. This is so exciting!

  2. I love the transformed bookshelf! Okay I think I am almost as excited as you :)

  3. I love the bookcase turned wardrobe!! So cute! For the hospital, my faves were the baby book for footprints, my own pillow, slippers, phone and charger, and a bit of makeup to make myself feel a bit better for photos and visitors. :) oh, and leave room in your bag for gifts and things- you'll bring home stuff from the hospital, too!

  4. Best advice for packing a hospital bag: MINIMAL. There isn't going to be a whole heck of a lot you will need that they don't provide for you at the hospital (if yours is anything like mine was). They provided endless wipes & diapers, pads (for you), etc etc.

    **The one thing I wish I had brought with me was a NURSING BRA (if you plan to nurse).**

    I seriously didn't wear a bra at all for the few days in the hospital and I was just so ready to have one on!!!

    Again, if you plan to nurse, definitely DO pack a boppy nursing pillow. Makes it easier on your arms.

    DO pack some comfy clothes that will be functional and again, comfy, and nursing-friendly (if you plan to nurse!).

    Also, have something available that your guests can sign really quickly as they enter so you will remember who came to visit you at what day/time because you won't believe how much it can blur together!

    Alright... enough of all that! Sorry for the overload :)

  5. Lots of nightgowns or nursing tops! I couldn't stand the smell of milk on me and I sent Dan home to do laundry. Also, glasses if you wear contacts, hair ties, and headbands. And a hair brush :) I am so, soooo excited for you to meet your baby boy!

  6. The little bookcase/wardrobe and the rug are so cute! I wish we could have something like bookshelf, but the kids would constantly be pulling everything off of it....nothing would stay folded or on hangers.

    As for packing the bag, bring lots of your own underwear (dark will bleed a lot) and feminine pads because I hated what the hospital provided and felt so much more comfortable in my own things and with the brands I liked. Have clothes that you will feel comfortable in and you will have lots of visitors so make sure it's clothes you will feel comfortable in, in front of everyone, and having a nursing cover and nursing bra helps a lot.

    1. If you would please keep our family in your prayers, for my husband to continue to do well in school and for him to be able to find a good job when he finishes school and for the health and safety of our children. Praying for you too!

  7. I'm pretty sure you are the cutest pregnant woman in the world. I hope I get to meet little Oliver next time we come down to NC! I am so excited for you both!! :)