October 27, 2013

35 Week Bumpdate

Our Baby:
  • He's about 20 inches and won't get much longer than that!  He weighs about 5.5 pounds.
Best Parts of the Week:
  • Thomas and I went to an all day childbirth class and took a tour of the hospital where I'll be delivering!  The two nurses who led the class were wonderful, and I love that they highly encouraged birth without an epidural, skin to skin contact with the baby immediately after delivery, and breastfeeding.  The philosophy at the hospital is to let birth be as natural as possible.  It's really comforting knowing that I'll be giving birth at a place that will not only respect, but also support, our wishes.  Such a blessing! We also feel so much more prepared now that we know more about the whole process - Thomas was pumped up and ready for us to have that baby after the class haha! 
  • The best part of the class? Sitting on a birthing ball and having my husband massage my back to work on relaxation techniques! I think we need to practice that one more frequently before the birth hehe! ;)                      

Symptoms: The general discomfort of back and rib pain, but only my right rib, which is kind of odd!                       

Cravings: Chocolate, which is apparently a good thing according to the baby magazine I received in the mail this week which says "News from the 'too good to be true' department: 'Some studies show that eating chocolate while pregnant can lead to happier babies,' says Largeman-Roth." I'm not really buying it, but I'm more than happy to use it as an excuse! ;) 

Funny Things: Anytime I sit down and have something pressed up against my belly, that little guy kicks it away from him!  He apparently only likes all the attention on him!  

We are down to the last five weeks and are so eager for this sweet boy to make his arrival!  God is so good!


  1. You look radiant! Enjoy that precious skin to skin time right after delivery. (I remember being slightly grossed out with it both times because the baby is still all slimy and gooey. I mean, you know that l but experiencing it is something totally different. But that only took me a few seconds to get over.). I would love to see a post with all of your belly shots together; always fun.

  2. Only a few more weeks to go; how exciting! This little boy will be brought into the world with all the love and warmth there could possibly be, I know it! Continued prayers for the three of you, especially for you (I remember night time being the worst for me comfort wise). :)

  3. I ate so much chocolate with my 4th baby I was sure he would come out chocolate covered. And you know what? He is my happiest child....there really might be something to that study.....

    Best of luck to you and Thomas!

  4. 20 inches is definitely a long baby! So glad to hear he's growing well!

  5. What a wonderful idea to have a tour of the hospital. I've never done that. I've delivered all four of mine naturally. I've also heard of many women feeling bad about themselves if they were unable to go natural and if for some reason you are not able too, please do not feel bad at all. Labor and delivery can be very painful and challenging and just know that what's most important is the gift of life and for the baby to come into the world as safely as possible. Another thing that helps with the pain is offering each contraction up for people who are in need of prayer and healing.