October 20, 2013

34 Week Bumpdate

Our Baby:
  • He is about 5 pounds and could be around 20 inches long! 
  • His fingernails have reached the ends of his fingertips. 

Best Parts of the Week:
  • I received such an incredibly sweet and thoughtful gift in the mail from Ann-Marie!  She gave us an absolutely beautiful blanket with the baby's name on it, a bib that says ___ loves Mommy, and the most touching gift of all - beautiful, sweet prayer cards for our baby.  I was so speechless.  It is such a blessing to have her friendship and her prayers and encouragement for this pregnancy and our baby! 
  • Thomas was really eager this week and just could not wait to put together the baby swing, so it's in our living room waiting for him to get here and cuddle up in it! :) We can't get over those cute little bunny ears on it! 

Funny Things: One of the staff members where I'm on fieldwork told an individual that I'm having a baby..

Him: Oh my gosh! You're fooling my leg!
Me: She's not kidding -I really am! He's right in here (points to belly)

That definitely gave me a good laugh!! 

Cravings: Same kind of thing - anything really sweet or really salty!

Symptoms: That rib and back pain is really getting me good now, but I'm so thankful for a husband who gives me amazing back rubs, even if he has to get in awkward, cramped up positions to do so since I can't lay on my belly!

Other: We've been working on this little project I found on Pinterest.  We have a bookshelf and decided to paint it white, which has been quite a process with sanding it down! Hopefully we'll get it done in the next week so we will have a place to store the baby's many, many clothes and other items! 


  1. Oooh, the baby is ~5lbs! getting close to that birthweight! I adore your lovely belly and your beautiful radiant face in that picture. God Bless you on the rest of your first pregnancy journey!

  2. Oh I love the baby swing! And you look beautiful as always!

  3. You are in the home stretch! And you look stunning! Sending many prayers your way during the last weeks of your pregnancy!

  4. Oh my goodness! Not much longer. You are looking great and that project...that'll make the time pass even quicker. Prayers for you, as always!

  5. I am glad you like the prayer cards. I made a few sets to hand out at the Baptisms of my daughters. That way people could take them home and pray for the girls. You look radiant as always. I love that book shelf idea!

  6. Did this pregnancy go as quickly for you as it did here in Bloggyland?!

    Relax and rest up...you are almost there!

  7. You look beautiful. Can't believe how fast this has gone, for me anyway! Continued blessings as the next few weeks pass. Looking forward to seeing what name fills in that blank above!

  8. I bet having the swing set up makes it so fun and so REAL!!!