October 13, 2013

33 Week Bumpdate

Our Baby:
  • There’s less amniotic fluid since he’s growing more and more, so his kicks, wiggles, and rolls are supposed to feel even stronger – This is definitely the case!  Sometimes I wonder what on earth that little man is doing in there!
  • His immune system is continuing to develop, and I’m passing on antibodies to him to help him fend off germs once he’s born.

Best Parts of the Week
My aunt, mom, and sister threw me a baby shower this weekend, and it was such a sweet and special celebration of our baby boy! I am truly thankful for all of my family and friends who came, especially all of those who came from out of town.  We feel beyond blessed to have so many generous people in our life who care so much about us and are excited to welcome our baby into this world!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped make it such a special day, and especially thank you to my aunt, mom, and sister for doing so much for the shower!

"Say Cheese" - One of my friends knows me well haha! I will be taking many, many pictures of this sweet boy!

 My aunt put a lot of work into planning, hosting, cooking and more, and I am so grateful for everything!

I have to say that the absolute best gift was this GORGEOUS handmade quilt from my mom!  Lots of time and love went into it, and we are so appreciative of having something so special for him.  And it’s also MUCH cuter than anything we saw in the stores or online! ;)

She also made him a rag quilt because she's an overly ambitious new grandma to be!

I also received a very special blanket that my grandma crocheted for him, as well as small car seat cover to keep him warm! It's so sweet that he'll have a blanket made by his great grandma!! 

 God has richly blessed us - there is no doubting that! 

Funny Things: In my lady’s exercise group at fieldwork (They all have MR), I held out a ball for one of the woman and told her to grab the ball.  She looked at me for a few seconds like she did not understand what I was asking her to do, and then all of a sudden she reached out to grab my belly!  I suppose she thought I was hiding a ball under my shirt hehe! 

Cravings: Chocolate and salt! 

Symptoms: I’m getting more and more stiff these days and it’s getting a bit harder to get up!  I’m also getting back and lower rib pain, but I suppose it’s just that time.  It’s all worth it for this little one!

Now that we’ve had the baby shower, we’re just eagerly awaiting his arrival!  Our apartment is FILLED with adorable baby things, and we can't stop looking and imagining our precious boy using and wearing everything! There are less than 50 days until his due date, and I’m sure they’ll fly by! 


  1. You look so beautiful. What a lovely shower. Your Mom's quilts are gorgeous. She did an amazing job! I can't believe how close you are - hang in there!

  2. Caitlin,
    Happy shower weekend. What very special gifts you received for your baby boy! So happy for you that you were able to have such a blessed afternoon. Enjoy these last 50 days! Love, tara
    PS ~ You asked on my blog what lenses I use. I love my 50mm 1.4 but even more my 85 mm L 1.2. My 24-70 L 2.8 is my most versatile lens though and the one that's on my camera most of the time. Hope that helps! Have a wonderful week

  3. Look at you! So beautiful with your blooming baby! The handmade blankets are gorgeous.

  4. I love your outfit in the first picture - you look radiant. You need to write a style post about dressing during pregnancy. Such beautiful heirloom gifts you received! You and baby are so loved.

  5. How wonderful that you have those blankets! I love when people give sentimental gifts like that. What a treasure!

  6. I love the quilts and blankets you received; the color of the one your grandma made is so beautiful!

    What did they put in those cute little white bags with the bows? I love the popcorn idea too...too sweet!

  7. Love the photos - what a sweet shower! :) Handmade quilts and blankets are the best - I agree, definitely better than anything in the stores!

  8. Ummm, first of all you are beautiful! Secondly, your Mom looks like your sister. And thirdly, if she has spare time, she should totally make and sell more quilts, I would totally love to buy one!

    1. Haha that's what we tell her too, but they take her so much time to make that there could not be a price on it!!

  9. What a CUTE baby shower!! Bet you can't even contain your excitement wanting to meet the little guy!