September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: Volume 64

Thomas is the sweetest and goofiest person in the world, and I feel so blessed to have him in my life!  I made some peanut butter cookies for our Bible study last week and asked if he'd help me unwrap the Hershey's kisses...he said he would, but only if he got a kiss for each one he unwrapped.  And then he preceded to kiss me after every single kiss he unwrapped.  Little things like that make my day! :)

Our Scripture study has begun and is really good so far!  This week was all about Jesus's identity and how he is fully human and fully divine.  We reflected on how amazing that is and how great our God is.  I am excited to see what we learn over the next 11 weeks!

Isn't this sky the most beautiful thing? Don't worry, I was at a stoplight and did not take this while driving!!

Life Teen is starting up again and Thomas and I are getting together with our teen members tonight to plan our sessions for the semester!
Thomas and I had a fun date night...walking to McDonald's and back for ice cream cones.  Yes, I will absolutely exercise for dessert! :) 

We had a great visit with my in-laws over the weekend! Here are some of the pictures! 

We were looking for a wildlife reserve and randomly stumbled upon a huge waterfowl festival...

The best part was seeing the most adorable golden retriever puppies!

Want, want, want, want!  Wouldn't he be so cute with a baby?? 
We loved getting the chance to see the beautiful island they are living on! 

The weekend went by so, so fast, but it was wonderful to have the chance to see my in-laws! Next time we get a picture of all of us together it will likely have our baby boy in it! ;) 


  1. What bible study are you studying right now?
    I miss scripture study. Derrick and I were active in studies before kids. It's harder to leave kids now... Specially when I work tons of hours. Mummy's guilt. But we hope to go back in the future.

    1. We are doing the Catholicism study by Father Barron! We did one by him in the past and loved it, so I'm sure this one will also be fantastic!

      We are soaking up everything we can from this one because we know we may not be able to join a study again for quite a while after the baby gets here!

  2. Such beautiful pictures, Caitlin. What a wonderful visit! Your sweet son is so blessed to be joining such an awesome family. : )

  3. What a lot of kisses!! :)
    He will do amazing in labor and delivery! Glad you had the opportunity to visit your in laws again.

  4. I am so glad you had a nice trip. Thomas cracks me up. He is going to be a great Dad.

  5. You guys are so cute! Of course I tell you this all the time. But whatev :)

  6. Aww... I absolutely think Baby needs a puppy best friend! Too cute!!! And Thomas is just too sweet. You're a lucky woman :) (I know you know that!)

  7. Your beautiful baby bump just makes me melt inside....! Can't wait for the arrival of the baby and for pictures!

  8. #1 is cheesy but adorable. :)

  9. I love that picture of the sky, so beautiful!! #1 is really cute:)

  10. Your pictures are always so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!