September 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: Volume 63

Maybe someday I'll get back into blogging regularly again, but I don't know when that day will come! Fieldwork is keeping me BUSY and leaving me drained of every ounce of energy by the end of the day!

Thomas and I went to a festival two weekends ago, and LOVED it!  There was some good food (like watermelon smoothies and funnel cake) and a free country music concert!  The baby was happy and moving and a grooving in there - whether it was all that sugar or the country music, I'll never know! :)  

There have been some beautiful sunsets recently, and I love taking evening walks with Thomas and soaking it all in!

Camping is just not in the cards for us this year!  We were hoping to go over Labor Day weekend since our last trip got rained out, but there was a forecast of more rain for the weekend, and then our backup place was all filled up!  Being the big kids we are, we went on a zoo date instead!

Apparently it's a bad idea to dangle your child over the lion enclosure...

My favorite? The baby chimpanzees! SO cute!!! 

Kale chips...sound completely disgusting but are actually really good - and very healthy, which is a huge plus!

The Scripture study Thomas and I are facilitating starts on Monday!  I'm excited to learn more and to grow closer to God and one another together! 

It's been a great weekend so far!  A couple we know from church invited us to their son and his fiance's engagement party/shower last night.  They have been wanting us to meet them for a while, and I am so glad we finally did!  They were such a sweet couple, and I was so excited to meet another young, Catholic couple living out the faith!  

Then Thomas did the 5 mile race this weekend that I would have been participating in if I hadn't stopped running last week! 
He was AMAZING!  He came in 17th place overall and first place in his age group! I was so, so excited for him! 


  1. I love the zoo pictures. Looks like a great zoo and a great day!

    We went to the zoo during my pregnancy and I kept getting so hot and kept having to sit down to rest my back, but I was further along in the pregnancy at that point. You look great in the pictures. Looks like you are doing well. God Bless!

  2. Fun fun fun! You two always have so much fun!

    You are looking great. Enjoy the fall, and just think, next fall you will be pushing a stroller!

  3. Congrats on the race to your husband! And love the zoo and festival idea. I just gave my husband for his 40th one date a month. Most of them I figured out ahead of time but there are a few empty envelopes and I think I just got a few ideas! :) Somehow is the business of raising two girls and just life we haven't made time for dating each other. We've only had one since his birthday but how much fun we had! You look great! Enjoy this special time! ~tara