September 29, 2013

31 Week Bumpdate!

Roughly 9 weeks until we get to meet our little boy!  Single digits! ;)  Thomas and I talked about how it seemed like forever when we had to wait weeks to tell everyone about the pregnancy.  That time sure enough came, and time has been flying by ever since then.  We're getting so, so close and obviously more and more eager to hold this sweet baby!  I'm sure he will be here before we know it!

Our Baby:

  • He is 3 1/3 pounds and about 18 inches long! 
  • He is now able to perceive from all 5 senses. 
  • He sleeps for longer periods of time, so he has more defined periods of moving and resting.  

Best Parts of this Week: 

  • I switched over to a new OB office, and I am very happy with that decision.  Everyone is so nice, and we'll have the chance to meet all the midwives over the next few weeks, one of whom will deliver our baby.  We have appointments for 6PM, so we'll both be able to go right after work/fieldwork! 
  • Thomas took me out for frozen yogurt Friday night, and after that we had a Barnes and Noble date!  We looked through this entire book together, and it was AMAZING! It was so detailed, and the pictures were phenomenal. We just can't believe how anyone could not believe in God after learning about the creation of life.  

Cravings: Ice Cream! ;)


  • Sleeping was a little bit better this week, and for that I am so thankful!  
  • I have found that the smell of smoke bothers me a million times more now that I'm pregnant than before.  I've always been grossed out by it, but after smelling someone who just smoked one day, I really and truly thought I was going to be sick! 
  • My foot is still really hurting, and I would appreciate prayers for that!  I haven't been able to exercise over the past two weeks, which is driving me crazy...

We're praying for this baby everyday and hoping he feels just how loved and cherished he is already! 


  1. I defintely had a foot issue with my second pregnancy and actually went into see the podiatrist because I couldn't walk without pain. It ended up being a Morton's neuroma if that makes any sense. I know that there is a lot more pressure on your feet when pregnant, especially in that last trimester, so anything is bound to happen. You look great, and I am glad you were able to sleep better this week. Single digits in weeks to go is great place to be. And ice cream, well ice cream is excellent for all pregnant women IMHO.

  2. God is so good! My mom works in the NICU and when I see those little babies and those hearts beating I KNOW that God has a plan for each one of us and crafted us each so wonderfully. The human body is amazing.

  3. Are you doing a color theme each month? ;)

  4. If you think it goes by fast now...wait 'till after he gets here. : )

  5. You and your bump are just so cute!! Praying for you all!

  6. I had pain in my left foot so I feel you! You'll be in my prayers!