September 22, 2013

30 Week Bumpdate

Knowing I'm at 30 weeks somehow makes it all seem so much closer and real!  I'm so eager to meet this sweet boy that I'm finding it harder and harder not to wish these next 10 weeks away! 

Our baby
  • He is about 15.7 inches and almost 3 pounds! 
  • His eyesight is still developing, but even when he's born, his vision will only be 20/400.
  • He is able to regulate his body temperature now, so all of the hair covering his body will start shedding.  

Best Parts of this Week: 
  • I was very amused to park in an expectant mother's parking spot for the first time! 

Cravings: Ice cream ;)

Symptoms: Still sleeping problems.  I am also having some major left foot pain, which may be partly attributed to carrying around an extra 20 lbs all day.  I ended up going to urgent care last night because I was in so much pain. Thankfully, nothing is broken, but I still don't know what's going on with this foot.  I wear my old sneakers everyday at fieldwork, but I'm on the lookout for some quality, old lady walking shoes...

Other: God is so good!  I have been going to a community health center for prenatal care because they are the only place around that would accept my insurance.  While I loved my midwife, the place was pretty unorganized and she also wouldn't be there when I give birth because she delivers at the hospital 45 minutes from us and not the one right across the street.  I'm so glad we won that 4D sonogram because when we went that doctor's office, we found out their office is now taking my insurance AND they also have extended appointment hours.  I should be able to get appointments most of the time without it interfering much with my fieldwork schedule!  I'll be seeing the midwives there and someone I know will be delivering the baby, so I am really, really happy about that! It ended up being an even bigger blessing than we thought to win the drawing for that ultrasound!


  1. I'm so excited too, can't wait to see that sweet little baby!

    I always have a lot of leg and foot cramps during my pregnancies. My doctor told me it's charlie horse cramps that go all the way down to the foot. He said lot of fluids, bananas and milk can help and be sure to massage the calf and foot often. His recommendations did help me and I'll be praying your foot feels better.

  2. You are as beautiful as ever! And I am so excited to see your little blessing!

  3. Sorry to hear about the foot! Many prayers for it. Despite the pain and lack of sleep, though, you look absolutely RADIANT!

    God bless you! ♥

  4. Caitlin, you are just beautiful!!! Happy to hear everything worked out with the insurance issue. Hope that foot starts feeling better! :)

  5. So happy for you that so much is working out! Looks like you had a wonderful family visit last weekend. It is so exciting to think that NEXT TIME you'll have a baby boy in that family picture! Soooo cool! Take care of that foot and of yourself. Blessing to you, tara