September 8, 2013

28 Week Bumpdate

We have hit the last trimester and have 12 weeks to go! When we went for our ultrasound they told us he can do pretty much everything he will be able to do once he is born. There is just a lot more growing to be done! :) 

Our Baby:
  • As of Thursday, our baby was 2 lbs 9 oz!  He's in the 54th percentile for his weight - right on track!  He is about 14.8 inches long.
  • He is able to blink - we actually got to see him briefly open up his eyes one time at the ultrasound! 
  • Billions of neurons are developing in his brain and he's gaining more and more baby fat.
  • He apparently has a full head of hair, which we were able to see in the regular ultrasound picture!  That just amazes me! 

Best Part of this Week:
My favorite part of this week was hands down getting to see our sweet boy on the screen at the 4D ultrasound!  I am even MORE in love with this snugglebug!  

Let me tell you, we have a feisty little boy on our hands!  He kept sticking his hands and feet in front of his face!  It was only supposed to last 20-30 minutes, but the ultrasound technician was so sweet, and we got to look at him for an hour because she wanted us to get a good view of his face!  She had me rolling back and forth, sitting up, and drinking cold water.  He was as wiggly as could be, but apparently was stubborn and camera shy (that's going to have to change...) and just wouldn't move the right way!

We did get to see sweet baby yawns and the cutest grin I ever did see! 

That little guy looks so snuggled and comfortable in there!  The technician said he is head down, which is a good sign!

And my two favorite pictures - the glimpses of his sweet baby face! I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to kiss and snuggle this precious baby! 
I am overwhelmed with feelings of wonder and awe!!  God astounds me more and more every day with the growth of our child.  Science only helps to point out the majesty of God's creation, and getting to see such intricate details of our baby before he is even born makes me even more amazed by our Creator!  What a tremendous blessing to have won the drawing for that ultrasound! We will certainly cherish these pictures forever.  

Cravings: Cottage cheese with berries - at least it's a healthy craving this week!

Symptoms: I am starting to get back pain if I get up after not sitting upright or after sitting on the floor, and I feel like such an old lady! :)

Funny/Weird Things: I need to start collecting quotes from Thomas because he makes me smile all the time when he talks about our baby.  One evening this week we were sitting at the kitchen table, both doing work, and the little one was particularly squirmy.  Thomas said "I can't even concentrate on my work right now! I just keep staring at your belly!"

All we can think about is him.  We are dreaming of lazy family weekends where we snuggle that sweetie pie, go for walks with the stroller, and love on our man all weekend long! 


  1. And those lovely weekends will happen... they are just so wonderful beyond words. I can't wait for you to experience them! You will be awesome parents! Enjoy your last trimester and your last of just the sweetness that is just you and your husband. ~tara

  2. That 4D ultrasound is amazing! He is adorable already.156..8! And that was from Flynn ! : )

    Anyway, I agree with will be awesome parents. But enjoy these last few months of just the two of you. : )

  3. i can't help but think of psalm 139 when i see ultrasounds.

  4. Those pictures are amazing! He is adorable. I bet that he will really like feeding the ducks, too! You might want to look into a support belt. It saved my back from hurting so much, especially when I had to stand a lot.