August 4, 2013

23 Week Bumpdate

Not too much going on this week, but I'll still give a little update! 

Our Baby: 
  • He weighs just over a pound and is over 11 inches from head to toe! 
  • He can feel the sway of movement if I dance!  I wonder how he feels when I'm running? 
  • The blood vessels in his lungs are developing to prepare him for breathing. 

Best Moments: 
  • We can feel him moving more and more every day!  His movements are becoming more and more vigorous, and we just love it! He's especially active when I lay down before going to sleep, which makes us go to bed late because we lay there forever feeling him move and talking about him! 

  • Chocolate! Okay, maybe that's just me and not the pregnancy! ;)  And fruit - any and every kind! 

  • Almost passed out again one time these week!  Goodness gracious, when will all that mess end? 



  1. You look as beautiful as ever! My baby kicks most when I lay down, too...he and I are on like opposite sleep schedules, it seems!

  2. Wait until you can see him roll over! : )

  3. You look beautiful, as always. I am so glad you are enjoying all his movements. And have some chocolate for me!

  4. You just glow with the anticipation of meeting this beautiful little soul! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  5. I LOVED feeling the bum or head or elbow stick out. The bum and head were hard and round and the elbow was so amazing! I'd run my fingers along the forearm and couldn't believe I was feeling what I was. You have the cutest pregger clothes btw!

  6. So happy for you :)This time has to be so exciting for you. I've really been enjoying your writing, so much so that I have nominated you for a blog award. Stop by my site to check it out :) Happy Monday!

  7. Hope the fainting spells stop soon, that has gotta to be so scary!!