July 7, 2013

19 Week Bumpdate

I think our little boy had a major growth spurt this week!!   My belly has pretty much popped right out! :) 

Our Baby Boy:  
  • We found out at the ultrasound this week that he weighs about 9 oz! 
  • He is getting close to 10 inches long from head to toe! 
  • Parts of his brain are being designated for smelling, tasting, seeing, hearing, and feeling. 
  • His arms and legs are now proportionate to the rest of his body.  
  • He is starting to grow hair!

Best Moments: (SO many this week!) 
  • Getting to look at our baby on the ultrasound this week! I just can't even get over his little hands and feet! 
  • Finding out that our baby is a BOY
  • Naming our little boy (I am still trying to decide if I feel comfortable or not sharing his name on here)!   
  • Having fun with a little bit of baby shopping! :)
  • All of the excitement from our families!  My mom has been busy crocheting adorable winter hats for him! Don't worry, the ones with flowers are not for him! :) 
  • Thomas got a sweet surprise at his desk from his co-workers after they found out the baby is a boy!  We are just loving how excited everyone is over our little man! 

Cravings: Nothing new...ice cream, cheese and crackers, and chocolate. 

Aversions: Nothing (thankfully)! I think I am getting back into the swing of things with vegetables...maybe...

  • That little boy must literally be hanging onto my bladder for dear life when I exercise.  And jumping on it throughout the day - not kidding.  
  • I unfortunately almost passed out again this week on fieldwork - they took my blood pressure, and it was really low.  At least I know the problem is the dropping blood pressure!  
  • Pretty much none of my bottoms fit now that I have this belly to button over.  I have been living in dresses and running clothes!  
  • My belly button is slowly creeping out of it's super innie hole! 
Other: There's not much else to say besides the fact that I love this little boy more than words can say! :) 


  1. Oh my Caitlin! There he is! And you look so beautiful! Enjoy this wonderful time in your lives...I know you are...and how blessed is that little fellow to be born into so much love? : )

  2. It's so so cute that you think your belly has popped...just wait :-)

  3. I can see your pop. Those are the fun pops. Then comes the beach ball....which in turn, you can hardly for that it to pop! Ha ha! I love that dress!! Blue looks great on you btw!

  4. Welcome to the baby boy club! We are so excited about our little man too :) Love all of your updates; its been fun watching your updates as I continue through my pregnancy too

  5. That little boy is so blessed with his parents! I am so excited for y'all! And you have popped so beautifully :) Pretty momma!

  6. You are one lovely pregnant lady :) enjoy every moment!

  7. I recently started reading your blog and I am thrilled for you. I have been blessed to be the mom of three boys (age 15 soon to be 16, 13, and 9) and watching you go through your pregnancy has been so fun for me because it helps me to reminisce about my pregnancies. Every aspect of motherhood has been a blessing to me...from pregnancy all the way to the teenage years, and I know it will for you also. Congratulations!!!

  8. You are so glamorous in your photos--like a pregnancy model :-)