July 28, 2013

22 Week Bumpdate

22 weeks and I have a BAD case of baby fever, if that's even possible when you're pregnant!  I just want to be holding this little boy in my arms!! 

Our Baby: 
  • He is about 11 inches head to toe and almost weighs 1 pound! (My weight keeps climbing up and up, so it's about time one of those pounds is from the actual baby!)
  • He has tooth buds forming underneath his gums. 
  • His eyes are formed, but the irises aren't colored yet - our guess is that they'll be blue! :) 
  • His eyebrows, eyelids, and lips are more distinct. 

Best Moments: 
  • Thomas can feel our little boy kicking now!! I am pretty sure he will never take his hands off my belly haha! He is soooo excited about it, and I am so excited that he's now able to experience that part of the pregnancy!  What a blessing to be able to feel our child moving in there every day and to be able to experience such a profound miracle! 
  • There's been a huge bi-annual warehouse consignment sale going on over the past week, and the deals are awesome!  I went one day by myself after work, one day with Thomas, and today with Thomas and my parents when they came to visit (today everything was 50% off)!  My parents bought all kinds of cute clothes for him! 

Here's just a little bit of the loot we got...baby sweaters between $0.75 and $4.00...
and a Ralph Lauren sweater vest for $4.00 and Baby Gap button-down collared onesie for $1.50...
I am SUCH a sucker for baby sweaters, collared shirts, and polos (probably because that's what my husband typically wears and looks so handsome in!), and the deals were so great that none of us could resist! 

We also went browsing through Babies "R" Us with my parents and went to Kohl's, where my parents continued to buy our little boy more adorable baby clothes (Yes, we know he's spoiled).  Thanks again, mom and dad! :)  He is definitely going to be better dressed than me and Thomas haha!  It was so much fun spending time shopping with my parents for the baby and seeing them be so excited about him! 

I also found a bedding bumper for $5 at the sale, and I've got some big plans to recycle it into a new one.  I haven't found any bedding I love, with the exception of a few sets that are $300+....which I think is outrageous to pay for a tiny baby.  So, my mom is going to help me sew a bumper and a bed skirt for the crib!  She made one for me when I was a baby too! :) 

Cravings: Again with the grapefruit juice and ice cream. And super salty, buttery popcorn!   I think I like all the extremes - sour, salty, and sweet! 

Symptoms:  I am not trying to jinx myself, but I made it through this week without any passing out episodes! Yahoo! 

Funny/Weird Things:  
  • Thomas said this week, "The baby's in there thinking he's royalty because daddy has an English accent and he treats mommy like a queen."  Hehe! ;) 
  • Thomas thinks this is just hilarious and told me to add it - We went running at the trail yesterday and I went to the bathroom right before we left.  However, literally 3 steps into the run (I kid you not), it hit me HARD that I had to go to the bathroom (and now). I said, "Sorry, but I REALLY have to go!" and sprinted off to the porta-john. That's kind of a summary of the symptoms this week though haha! ;) 

Other: God is SO generous, and we see his grace abound more and more every day through witnessing the gift of life. I couldn't be more thankful that he chose this timing for our lives and that he picked us as parents for this little boy! 


  1. Enjoy the shopping!So much fun!

  2. So happy for you guys! As a 31 week preggo, I totally get the bathroom thing! My husband constantly laughs at me!

  3. So much happiness awaits you, Caitlin! You are just stunning as a mama to be! Your sweet boy will look dashing in all those adorable sweaters and shirts!! How fun that you got to shop with your parents, too!

    My littles have been spoiled by their grandparents, too! Even on baby #3 when we don't need anything at all, we're still getting sweet little outfits coming in from them! :)

  4. You are looking great! I can't wait for that little blessing to arrive!

  5. If I ever have a boy, I'm totally going to dress him in button-down shirts and sweater vests! :) I love the moose sweater you found! So cute!