June 24, 2013

Snapshots from our Quiet Weekend

I really enjoyed the quiet weekend spent with Thomas!  After dinner Friday, we spent the whole evening outside until it got dark.  
We are such nature lovers, and of course we did our usual routine of feeding the animals!  We can't wait to soon be doing it with our baby! :) 

This is the BEST time of the year for this very reason... 
Don't you just want to pick one up and take it home?  Okay, maybe that's just us...

I'm glad we spent time outside when we did because it was rainy and gloomy the rest of the weekend!  We had plans to have a picnic date Saturday night, but it was pouring outside, and we had to come up with a plan B!  We cooked up a delicious Indian meal together, complete with homemade naan bread!  YUM! 

With chocolate covered pretzel pie for dessert - just what the baby ordered! ;) 
We went to mass and a goodbye party for our priests yesterday.  I am so, so sad they are leaving!  They are such amazing, Godly men who have brought us so much closer to the Lord over these past two years.  

Then we planned on having a picnic and going out to a free jazz concert outside last night, but the weather was not looking very promising, so we stayed at home and had a picnic and games on our porch and listened to jazz music!  Pretty much the same thing, right?

God is so faithful, and he always gives me the refreshment I need.   For that, I am truly grateful.  


  1. GREAT pictures! I love the lighting and the focus in some of them. You're all set for some awesome baby photos in the very near future! :)

  2. Love your weekend, Caitlin...and your pictures are beautiful! : )

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful Caitlin... I love how you captured the sunset. Your life is going to be so happy sharing and doing all that with your baby by your side and then your toddler by your side. It's the best~

  4. Love the pictures. The pie looks divine...could you post a recipe?

  5. Great pictures Caitlin...that pie looks amazing!! Aren't quiet nights at home relaxing just the best? :)

  6. Love your pics! They're like a breath of fresh summer air ;)

    I know what you mean about the awkward sized baby bump... I'm 18 weeks, and I think it's funny when I run into people I haven't seen in a while, and I can tell want to ask if I'm pregnant but are afraid of the answer! Haha :)

    Anyway, blessings to you and you're little family!


  7. Great pictures! We had turtles like that in the pond behind our apartment in Indiana!

  8. We are having a going away party party this Saturday for one of our priests. I want to be so selfish and tell him to ignore the Bishop...not really....but I will miss him and his awesome spirituality!

  9. Can you post the pie recipe? it looks amazing!