June 16, 2013

16 Week Bumpdate

Umm what? How did four months get here so fast?  We are head over heels in love with this baby, and I know the time will continue to go by fast before he/she gets here!! 

Our Baby: 
  • The baby is 4.5 inches long and weighs 3.5 ounces! 
  • The ears are close to their final position, and his/her eyes have moved closer to the front of it's head.
  • The baby has started growing toe nails! 
  • The patterning of his/her scalp has started. 
  • Baby's heart is pumping ~25 quarts of blood a day! 

Best Moments: 
  • I felt so bad because I told Thomas not to come to my appointment in May thinking it would be just a general check-up, but then I got to hear the baby's heartbeat without him! I had an appointment this week and I got to hear the heartbeat again, and Thomas got to hear it for the first time!  He was so in awe, and his face was priceless!  We also heard the glug glug glug of water swishing around and the midwife told us it was the baby swimming away from her! Love, love, love it! 
  • Giving Thomas his Father's Day gifts! One of which will have to go back to the store when we know if our little one is a he or a she! ;)
  • Getting surprised by this sweet gift for baby Z from one of my friends from school!  The first Z for baby Z! :)
  • We solidified our first and middle name picks for a boy and a girl! :)  It's been so fun talking about it all the time!  The girl's name was decided on weeks ago, but we were still going back and forth on a boy's name.
Cravings: Still ice cream!  More specifically - McDonald's ice cream cones.  Seriously, passing several on the way home everyday is such a tease!

Aversions: Nothing this week!

Symptoms: Heartburn and coming close to passing out. That little stinker got me again this week with the faint thing - already a troublemaker.

Funny/Weird Things: 
  • I have an idea for a business venture...set up an ice cream store and give free samples to all pregnant women. There is no way in the world they won't be able to buy it after one taste. Trust me, I know firsthand...I got tricked into buying a Blizzard after getting a free sample...
  • Thomas is so cute!  Now that he knows the baby swims away from thing touching him/her after my appointment, whenever he kisses my belly, he kisses all over and says "I'm chasing you, baby!" 
Other: The woman who does ultrasounds should be getting in touch with me Monday or Tuesday to set up the big appointment that we've been waiting and waiting for! We should know the baby's gender in 2-3 weeks! Soooo excited for that!


  1. Ohhhhh hearing the heartbeat...one of the best sounds in the world! Enjoy this most exciting time of your lives...I already know your are!

  2. So adorable, Caitlin! Enjoy this wonderful and joyous time! I can't wait to hear what you are having!

  3. So exciting! I love that you gave Thomas Father's Day gifts. So great.

  4. Love hearing the heartbeat! That's when it would really sink in for me that there was a little tiny person in there! Your little baby bump is so cute!

  5. You look so great, Caitlin! Little baby is growing so sweetly! I sincerely hope that you will reveal your name choices to the we, the world, sooner rather than later because you've got us hanging in the balance now ;) Can't wait to find out the gender!

  6. SO EXCITED! I can't wait for little Z to continue to grow (and for me to meet him/her at the end of the year)! You and Thomas are precious!

  7. How exciting! Congratulations again! And Happy first Father's day to your husband. I can remember when we were "expecting" our referral from China (we adopted in 2004) Father's Day came around and even though she wasn't yet with us I picked up a cute little puppet theatre and finger puppets for him. It's all so wonderful... enjoy every second.

    PS love the green skirt!

  8. I thought I left a comment, but I guess I forgot to hit publish. Love your 16 weeks picture! I always start showing a lot more by 20 weeks. Looks like you guys had a wonderful first father's day; next father's day will be even more wonderful with a little one to hold!

  9. Caitlin, you look great! What a sweet, special way to celebrate your husband's first father's day!

  10. Cute update! I like that they are short and sweet and personal (so many bloggers answer little "surveys" each time - size of baby, cravings, weight gain, etc, etc, etc, and I never, ever read those - boring!).

  11. Love the update!!! :) You are glowing and so is Thomas! :) Happy First Father's Day too!

    I heard recently from a friend that there is a different method of finding out gender these days - I think it was with bloodwork! And it was really early on! I'm sure finding out together will be so awesome though!

  12. Can you be any cuter? I love the fact Thomas talks to him/her. So cute!

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