May 25, 2013

The Past Three Months :)

I know I said I was going to write about all of this earlier, but I warned you that I'd be a bad blogger once I started fieldwork!  There was so much excitement over telling our families the big news last weekend that I wasn't completely mentally prepared to start fieldwork this week.  I kind of needed to make that a priority over writing a blog post! ;)

Anyways, I have been absolutely DYING to share so many fun moments over the past three months!  This has been such a tough secret to keep from the moment we found out! - Of course we snapped a few pictures after that moment because it's totally not awkward to take pictures of yourselves with the pregnancy test, and even less awkward to post them online! ;) What can I say? We were, and still are, just thrilled! 

There are so many sweet and wonderful moments from these past few months that I want to remember forever!
  • Thomas taking me out on a sweet surprise date to get cupcakes for our cupcake and to go look at baby books together at Barnes and Noble. 
  • Feeling so sneaky going to a maternity fair together when I was eight weeks along, hoping we wouldn't run into anyone we know.  We got so many free goodies and great information, AND most exciting of all...we won a drawing for a FREE 4D sonogram!  We are so excited!!
  • Seeing our precious baby on the ultrasound for the first time, measuring at only 0.43 centimeters!  Life really is such a beautiful miracle! 
  • Perusing the baby section of all the stores we go to - just to look at all the cute baby things!  I can't wait until we know if the baby is a boy or girl so we can buy a cute thing now and then! :)
  • Working together on our projects for taking some baby announcement photos! 

Oh, the sewing.  Thomas hand-stitched the letters onto that banner we made, just like he did for my proposal blanket!  He really is something else! :) 

  • Reading about the baby's development with Thomas every week!  We are almost at the point where Baby Z's fingerprints are formed! How amazing is that?!
  • Hearing the baby's heart beat for the first time - wow, just wow. 
  • Thomas has been loving on me and this baby non-stop from the moment we found out!  I have to fight him to stop kissing my belly so many times, and he constantly talks to the baby about how much he loves him/her.  And he is ridiculously sweet to me - always going out to buy me food and never making me lift a finger around the apartment.  I am feeling more than a little bit spoiled right now - I guess I better take advantage and enjoy it before that baby gets here! ;) 

Then there are some of the funny and awkward things! 
  • I took two pregnancy tests on strips, and they both came back positive.  Thomas and I still just couldn't even believe it, so we decided to go buy a digital pregnancy test to see if it would confirm the results.  We figured if the third one came back positive, it would definitely be true!   Since so many people think we are in high school, I was extremely self conscious about buying a pregnancy test!  I wanted to go to Food Lion so we could nonchalantly buy one at the self check out. Unfortunately, we got to Food Lion, and all the self check outs were closed, and apparently everyone in town decided to go out grocery shopping on a Friday night!  I was so not about to stand in line with a pregnancy test with 10 people behind me, so I asked Thomas if we could go to the drug store instead. We snuck off to the back of the store to pick one up and I tried to hide it as we walked back to the front of the store.  Meanwhile, we were giggling and smiling the entire time because we were so excited!!  There was a middle aged woman there who looked at my hand with the pregnancy test in it and then glared at me and Thomas!  I wished I was wearing a t-shirt that said "I'm a married lady!"
  • Thomas loudly proclaiming as we got out of the car with the third pregnancy test, "You've already taken two pregnancy tests.  I think we know you're pregnant!" only to see our neighbor from our apartment building standing outside in the dark with his dog.  Awkwarddd. :)
  • I am a huge veggie lover and I always have to get in my 3-5 servings per day, but man oh man, this baby was not liking them for several weeks.  It made me sick just to think about eating vegetables, and all I wanted to eat was pizza, french fries, bagels, and grilled cheese.  You know, everything good for me.  
  • There have been so many comments where people have talked about pregnancy with me or joked about me being pregnant where I've just had to giggle inside since no one knew the news! 
  • I get to use pregnancy as an excuse for everything!  Whenever I am too exhausted to do something, I just tell Thomas I am too busy growing a person hehe! :)

While it's mostly been exciting and a good experience, there have been a few bumps in the road...
  • Having to go out to a doctor an hour and a half away two times a week for progesterone shots (in the butt...OUCH) until they trained Thomas to do them at home.
  • Frequently feeling like I am going to pass out if I stand for long periods of time or if I kneel in church.
  • The nausea.  I'm at least over that now (I think!) 
  • Finding out three days before telling our families that my insurance decided to drop me...more on that below... 

In spite of the bumps, let me tell you - as always, God has provided for us in so many ways!  He has been so faithful to us throughout this entire pregnancy.  
  • Thanks to NFP, we knew I might have some issues with low progesterone, and low and behold, when I went to the doctor at six weeks, it was very, very low.  If we hadn't known about that, I very well may have miscarried by now.  
  • Thomas's boss has been SO understanding and generous enough to let Thomas come to my appointments without taking any time off from work. 
  • My fieldwork was scheduled to end November 29th, but my coordinator and my supervisor for the fall were both very flexible and moved my end date up to November 8th without any problems! 
  • We had some major stress last week when we found out that my insurance decided to drop me off the plan.  Thankfully, my dad did some research and found out that it is illegal for them to do that, the company admitted that, and I will still be covered.  Such a huge relief because I know there are going to be a lot of hefty medical expenses!
  • We wanted to tell our families a lot earlier than we did (we told them at 12 weeks), but we couldn't seem to get our parents together the same weekend.  It all ended up working out perfectly though since all of our siblings got to be there too! 

This baby is already SO spoiled!!! We left early Sunday morning to come back for a party in the afternoon at church, and I called my mom to find out that she and my sister were at Baby Gap buying things for the baby! 

Oh, I can't even begin to describe the joy we have been experiencing!  There is so much love in our hearts, and can't wait for that little baby to get here so we can shower it in love 24/7.  We are feeling way too blessed and overwhelmed with excitement!  Thanks be to God for the gift of life and for all he has done for us! 



  1. You are just GLOWING in those pictures! So wonderful!!! Can't wait to follow you along in this journey. Becoming a parent is the absolute best!!!

  2. Oh how very exciting! Congratulations! Your video made me tear up (esp. when I saw it finally sink in for your mom...precious!) Enjoy this special time! :)

  3. It is always amazing how the world tells married couples to put off kids for years and years and get to know each other better. Isn't it wonderful how one tiny little person can make you two so close, and adding a person to your family multiplies God's love in your life?

    Congratulations to both of you!!!

  4. The pictures of you and your hubby with the digital test are so both just glow with excitement...that's such awesome news the insurance headache is over...prayers as you all prepare to become a family of three!! ;)

  5. That is so cute with your family! When we were expecting our first, my parents seemed to already guess, but my in laws were shocked and could not believe it! Congrats!

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  7. Aww! You totally just made me tear up! We told my parents and sisters by sending them individually wrapped pacifiers for them to open while we were on Skype. It took FOREVER, though, because my sister was interning in London!

  8. soooo awesome!! it's so beautiful to witness how happy y'all are!

    I do want to warn you though...What to Expect While You're Expecting can be kind of scary!! I stopped reading it at one point because it seemed like every other page was another way my baby could be hurt or something!! Just a bit of encouragement that if you ever feel a bit overwhelmed by any negativity during your pregnancy, just block it out - you don't need that in your head!

  9. So exciting to read your past three months :) Enjoy every moment...good and bad, because it goes by SO quickly! P.s. The shots. yes, those can burn, can't they?

  10. - That is so awesome that you won a 3D ultrasound!! They are amazing.
    - Every time I get to find the baby's heartbeat it reminds me why I went to medical school and why I love OB-GYN so much :)
    - That's great that NFP helped you to know from early on that your progesterone was low. NFP is so empowering and helps us learn so much about our bodies...
    - I love that your husband hand-stitched your banner :)


  11. Congratulations,Caitlin!! Its so funny reading about how you felt extremely awkward and judged while buying one of the pregnancy tests. Paul and I felt the same way and tried so hard to hide it when walking up to the register. Luckily the self checkout was open for us :P

    Ill be praying for you and baby. From reading your blog, I can tell you will be a wonderful mother :)

  12. Aww, the part about Thomas loving you and the baby so much made me cry. The love you two have is so beautiful.

  13. How wonderful, just how wonderful! When I got pregnant, I announced on my blog right away because it was really small (no one even noticed or commented on the post!) and no one I knew in real life knew about it and I just had to tell SOMEONE! Next time, though, I won't be able to! It will be a hard secret to keep (we won't tell family/friends until at least 12 weeks maybe later until miscarriage risks are lower). I think it's super fun to have that secret between just you and your husband though! I'm so glad you're enjoying this time.

  14. I was the exact same way with the veggies and the grilled cheese! Haha, your joy is so clear in this post and I loved reading it! Can't wait for more baby updates =)

  15. So excited for you, Caitlin!! You and Thomas will be the best parents! Congratulations!!! :)

  16. I am so, so happy for you and your husband. Reading your blog makes ME giddy with excitement!!! The video of you two telling your family that you're pregnant put a huge smile on my face. I looked at everyone's face for the reaction but there was no reaction at first! haha. God bless you!!