May 27, 2013

A Weekend of Relaxation

This weekend was everything I needed and more.  I'm so thankful that God has refreshed my mind and my body by filling up these past few days with so many good things. 

We spent Saturday and Sunday doing a whole lot of nothing - playing board games, watching movies, and taking trips to the pond to feed the ducks. I left my camera at my parent's house when we went home last weekend, so a few snapshots from my phone will have to do! 

We also made a few yummy treats - like these mozzarella sticks! 

We even snagged some ice cream cones at Aldi, which Thomas loved since he's never had an ice cream cone at home before! He wasn't the only one who enjoyed's the little things in life! :)

We decided to take a day trip to the beach today, and I am so, so glad we did.  The weather was absolutely perfect - 70s and bright and sunny, so it was warm enough to sit outside, but not so hot that we were sweating. 

We just love this beach!  Since you have to take a ferry to get to the island, there's a cap on the number of people that can go. 

And since there's a cap, it means that the beach is perfectly quiet, serene, and empty.  It was not at all the scene you would expect on Memorial Day!  It's such a hidden gem, and I'm so glad we found it! 

The day was so relaxing - just what my heart needed (I think the baby needed it too!) 

After spending the day at the beach, we stopped on the way home for ice cream sundaes from an ice cream shop in a teeny little town.  We always pass it on the way home, and we say every time that we should stop, but this time we actually did!  And we don't regret it one bit! ;) 
 Now we're off to bed because that sunshine tired us out!  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Many thanks to those who are serving and who have served our country!   


  1. Your posts always make me smile. I am glad you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

  2. Glad you had a nice weekend! Is it weird to say that I love every update on the pregnancy and can't wait to hear when the baby is born?