April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

After we went for a run Saturday morning, Thomas whipped me up the most delicious waffles! He makes the best breakfasts!

Since our half marathon was cancelled, it was the perfect time to take Thomas on a surprise date I've had in mind for a while...we went to a mini zoo (He is a big animal lover, so I knew it would be right up his alley)! 

You know how cheesy we are - had to get a picture with the Love Birds sign! ;) 

Now when I say mini zoo, I really do mean mini.  It was tiny, but the highlight was seeing some buffalo - up close and personal with those bad boys! 

There was supposed to be free canoeing, but there were no canoes anywhere to be found, so we instead took a walk along the trails.  It was so, so nice to spend some time outside, and I am so thankful for this beautiful weather! 

On our way back, we randomly came across an old Western town!  Apparently we're going to have to go back sometime because after talking to some people who know about it, we heard they have some awesome food and shows!  
Who would have thought there would be something like this out in the middle of nowhere? 

I love adventures with that man of mine! 

Yesterday was not as exciting of a day.  We took care of a bunch of chores in the morning, and I worked on my research project for school and studied a bit for an exam.  I guess I can't always have fun! :) 

Our youth minister had another great talk about fear last night at Life Teen.  I particularly loved his point about how so many people in this world are lacking a purpose in their lives, and they chase after things that don't really matter.  Once you realize your purpose is so much greater than anything in this world, you are going to do some big things! 



  1. Your breakfast looks yummy, Caitlin...and I have to say again...you two are the cutest! Have a great week, friend... : )

    P.S. If your hubby ever wants to see animals up close...come to our house. In our backyard we have had deer, turkey, bear, coyote, and even elk!

  2. Your day looked wonderful; so many great pictures-especially the one in front of the Love Birds sign. Too cute. I'm glad you had a great day. It's so nice how you really go out of your way to be nice to each other and think of fun things to do together.

  3. It looks like you guys had a great time! Have an amazing week!

  4. 31 years old and I'm still searching for my purpose here on earth...

  5. Looks like a special day. So happy you two got to have fun and spend time together while enjoying some of God's artwork!

  6. Y'all are so precious! That town reminds me so much of Tweetsie Railroad!