April 9, 2013

Mom's 50 Birthday - Surprise Party

Secrets are oh so hard to keep! You know how my dad planned a surprise trip to NYC for my mom's 50th birthday?  In the meantime, my sister and I were scheming away planning a surprise birthday party for her to come home to when her flight arrived! 

Thomas and I drove back home Friday night, and Hannah, Thomas, and I spent all day Saturday cleaning, cooking food, and preparing everything for the party! 

My aunt made this awesome cake for the party! 

Once all the guests arrived, we eagerly waited for my parents to get home! 

We spotted their car pulling up the road, and we all ran into the kitchen and waited for her to get in the door! I couldn't wait to see her reaction, and it was so much fun to see her walk in completely and totally surprised! 

She didn't see it coming at all! 

It was so much fun planning all of this for her!  I love my mom, and she deserved something very special for her 50th! I am so glad that she didn't suspect a thing and that she was so excited and grateful! 

Happy birthday to the best mom in the world!!!:)  We love you! 


  1. That last picture - triplets!

    Wow, your mom is so young! That's awesome. It will come in handy when you have kids that need babysitting :)

  2. I definitely wouldn't have been able to keep the secret! So fun! Also, I totally grew up with that same kitchen table and chairs. Crazy!

  3. So awesome!!! :) We did a surprise party for my Dad's 60th and he didn't know a thing! :)

  4. It looks like a lot of fun; so happy your mom enjoyed everything! Oh, and such a lovely home.

  5. How wonderful Caitlin! Everything looks great! So happy she was surprised...that is not easy to do!

  6. How blessed your mom is to be so loved! And she looks really fabulous for being 50 years old!

  7. How utterly fantastic!! She looks so surprised. You all did a great job pulling that one off! What wonderful daughters she has raised!

  8. Aww! She was so surprised! Looks like you did a great job. :)