February 4, 2013

Weekend - Chocolate Festival, Beach, and Super Bowl

I was so very thankful for the chance to spend time with Thomas this weekend.  We wanted to go on a fun day trip together, so we started looking online for things going on around us.  We came across a chocolate festival, and knew we had to check it out!  Seriously, how could we turn that down?  

We set off early in the morning with high hopes.  I guess I went in with expectations set too high because I was expecting giant chocolate fountains and a room filled like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic, but a girl can dream!  

I have to say that we were a little disappointed.  There was a fee to get in, so we expected to get lots of sweet treats.  However, you also had to pay if you wanted to get anything to eat.  The money went to several different charities, so at least it was for a good cause.

Everything looked so amazing! 

After scoping out all of the options, and getting a few tiny samples, we finally opted to get a giant cupcake to split!  So, so, so good.  
We had packed our lunches, so after the chocolate festival we went off to the beach for a picnic lunch and a walk.  I just love going to the beach when it's cold outside!  It was so peaceful and quiet, and I loved having the opportunity to spend some quality one on one time with my man.  

We went to the state park by the beach to go check out an old war fort.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect since I have never seen one before, but it was really, really cool!   

We were able to explore all the rooms inside, where they had displays set up of what it used to be like, as well as lots of old objects from the war. 

Sunday was a much more laid-back day.  We did some chores, went running, played board games, and went to mass.  The homily was so inspiring because our priest talked about the second reading (1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13), and related it to Saint Therese of Lisieux.  She is known for saying, "what matters in life is not great deeds is not great deeds, but great love."  She spent her (very short) life seeking to love everyone around her, especially those who really annoyed her.  Our priest said that her life was ordinary, but her love was extraordinary.  She's such a good example that we don't have to do anything huge in life, but we can make a big difference through the way we treat and love others, especially those who are harder to love.  

We watched the Super Bowl with my friend Kristen and her husband at their house, and we had a great time!  We left after halftime because we were tired and had a long drive home, but we really enjoyed getting to spend time with them and getting to know them better.  

Hope you all had a great weekend! 



  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love those beautiful pictures. That one of the archways is really pretty. Coincidentally, I just started reading a book on St. Theresa to my daughter last night! Have a nice week.

  2. I love your weekends, Caitlin...and that chocolate festival...my kind of place!

  3. There's a chocolate buffet in Boston that would not dissapoint your wildest dreams. So when are you coming to visit?

  4. We have a chocolate festival like that here. And we LOVE Fort Macon. We spend a week in Emerald Isle every year and go to the fort. In 2010, we went up there for Valentines Weekend and it snowed on the beach, so we have pictures of the fort covered in snow. Very surreal.

  5. We have gone to a chocolate festival the last two years near our home. It is so much fun. My daughter wants to be a chocolatier when she grows up, so we consider it research. :)

    Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like your weekend was too!

  6. So sad the chocolate festival was disappointing :( Sounds like the rest of your weekend made up for it though!

  7. A chocolate festival sounds absolutely amazing! Too bad you had to pay for all the chocolate though!

    Anyway, glad you had a fun weekend together!!!

  8. Thanks so much for making the trip down to New Bern! It was fun hanging out with you and Thomas. Also those treats look amazing!

  9. Between the chocolate and the beach...oh my! What a heavenly weekend :)

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