February 17, 2013

A Weekend with Snow and My Man!

The time with Thomas this weekend was extra sweet after being away from each other all of last week.  We've been soaking up all the time together!  We had a gift card for Olive Garden, so after church last night we went out for a special dinner date to celebrate both Valentine's Day and World Marriage Day.  Yep, killing two birds with one stone! ;)

That was wonderful, but the highlight of the weekend was that it SNOWED Saturday night!  It was the first snow of the year that actually stuck to the ground!  Not that exciting for those of you up north, but it's kind of a big deal around here! :)  We swung by a drive through to get milkshakes, where we were laughed at by the employees for getting them in that kind of weather!  Hey, our motto is that it's never too cold for ice cream! 

We woke up early this morning to do our long run, but ended up skipping that in favor of taking a walk in the snow.  Since we don't see it very often, we wanted to take advantage of it (and also did not feel like running in that cold weather...).  It was just beautiful outside.  The spring trees are already blooming, so it was breathtaking to see the mix of the spring and winter seasons.  God is absolutely the best artist of all, and his creation always astounds me!   

We walked around, and of course went to feed the ducks.  Those who read my blog on a regular basis know by now that it's just a part of our routine.  Side note - we actually went by the pond after dinner on Saturday night because we were curious about what ducks do when it's snowing. I know, we are complete dorks!  However, in case I piqued your interest and you are now wondering what they do too...they just go about their regular business.  Not as exciting as we thought!

This is what I was talking about with the mix of the two seasons! Just beautiful! 

Anyhow, we had so much fun goofing around with each other and playing in the snow! 
And taking a few pictures...

Doesn't this snow look like a heart? I thought this was so lovely! 

When we got back from our walk, we proceeded to make some snow cream for breakfast!  Thomas has never had it before, so he was very skeptical, but he sure did love it after trying it!  I think he'll be asking for this every time it snows now! :) 
We've just been doing some chores today, and I have been studying next to Thomas while he watches a movie because I have an exam this week!  And now I better get back to studying instead of procrastinating by writing this post... 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Caitlin...you two are the sweetest, and your photos are BEAUTIFUL! The one of the heart of snow...: ) Have a wonderful week!

  2. Those were such pretty picture. Glad you are back home with your husband.

  3. Those pictures are amazing. I am glad you got a chance to practice after your class.

  4. Love the pictures! I can't wait til things start blooming here! I'm so ready for spring!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Your children will have such pretty eyes!

  6. You two are sooo! cute.

    And the snow on the blossoms is beyond beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I keep seeing this ad about NET retreats on the NCR blog, and every time I wonder if you are her/ if she is you?