January 14, 2013

Weekend with my Family

I'm writing this quickly before I head off to class, but this weekend was just wonderful.  Short, but wonderful.  I am so thankful my family was all able to get together at the same time.  The weekend was full of food, games, and time together.  I miss everyone already! Here's a few pictures! 

These are the BEST.  I'll have to post a recipe another day! 


  1. Love your family, Caitlin...you all remind me of my family growing up and the the sweet family Steve and I have created. Nothing is better than family time together. I applaud your parents for raising what appears to be a wonderful family!

    As for the food! Recipes please! : ) (Because of course, you don't have enough to do!)

  2. Your family is adorable. I am glad you had a nice weekend.

  3. I love seeing family pictures, such a beautiful family.