January 9, 2013

Take Courage in the Storm - He is with You

I went to mass this morning, and our priest had such an encouraging homily that I felt compelled to write about it before I forget about it.  I am thankfully not experiencing any difficult hardships right now, but I want to be able to come back to this next time I feel discouraged, alone, or stressed out. 

This was part of the Gospel reading today: 

"When it was evening, the boat was far out on the sea and he was alone on shore. Then he saw that they were tossed about while rowing, for the wind was against them.  About the fourth watch of the night, he came toward them walking on the sea.  He meant to pass by them. But when they saw him walking on the sea, they thought it was a ghost and cried out.  They had all seen him and were terrified.  But at once he spoke with them, “Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid!”  He got into the boat with them and the wind died down. They were completely astounded.
- Mark 6:47-51

The part that has always stuck out to me from this story is the big miracle that Jesus walked on water.  Maybe it's because my mind doesn't analyze what I read as much as it should, or maybe it's from seeing so many pictures of Jesus walking on water as a child.  Either way, that's always the big message I took from the story - Woah, Jesus is so awesome that he walked on water! 

I had never thought about the story from the perspective of the disciples until our priest elaborated on it this morning.   Big storms are frightening enough being inside, but being caught out in the middle of the sea in one?  Wind howling all around.  Waves rocking the boat.  Worrying for your life.  The disciples must have been terrified to the core. Even though they felt alone and like the Lord was so distant from them, he was right there, watching them the entire time. Never forsaking them. Never leaving them.  He was with them.  He calmed the storm.

In the same way, God is always, always there with us in the midst of the storms in our lives.  When we are afraid, lonely, frustrated, discouraged, stressed, or scared.  When we feel like he is so distant from us.  When we feel like we are stuck and there is no way out.  When we're at rock bottom.  He is always there, and he will never leave our side.  And just like he calmed the wind for the disciples, he will be the one to bring us peace in the midst of the storm.  So take courage, and do not be afraid. 



  1. Caitlin, this is a wonderful post. It is so refreshing to see a young woman whose faith is so strong ...it gives me hope for the future!

  2. Loved this simple, yet necessary reminder to trust in Him.

  3. I really needed to read those words. Like right now! I had just glanced at the headlines and in three sec's I read: Obama threatens executive order in gun laws; Planned Parenthood brags about performing an abortion every 94 seconds; the National Cathedral will start performing same sex marriages. My heart aches. My stomach aches.

  4. I just started reading your blog- LOVE!! What a great reminder and how beautifully written :)

  5. Thank you, Caitlin. I definitely started tearing up reading this. I really needed to read this. Life is definitely difficult and a bit painful right now. So, thank you for the faithful reminder that He is always there.