January 5, 2013

Christmas in England: Part 5 - Bath and Swindon

We set out on Thursday with hopes of seeing Berkeley Castle. I was really excited about it...I mean, what girl doesn't want to see a castle? Unfortunately, we got there only to find out that the castle is closed from October through April! So, we didn't get to tour it, but we at least got to look at it from the outside!

Here's the back garden! 

You don't even know the lengths we went through to take that picture!  Thomas boosted me up, and his mom boosted him up so that I could take a picture over the wall that towered taller than all of us! We were quite a sight! :)

Since the castle was closed, we explored the church that was right next to it, St. Mary's.  This church was built in the early 1200s, which was absolutely mind-blowing to me.  Like the other churches we saw on the trip, this one was also gorgeous inside! 

After exploring the inside and outside of the church, we started driving through the English countryside to go to Bath for the next part of the day, and let me tell you, the scenery was beautiful!  It was hard to get a picture out of the car window, but here's a slight glimpse of what the drive looked like. 

We stopped along the way for lunch at a traditional English pub, which was a really fun experience!  Thomas' parents used to take walks and stop for lunch at the pub, so it was fun to get a taste of their past! 
It was so cozy inside, especially with all the Christmas decorations up!
I had cauliflower cheese, which was delicious, and Thomas and I shared a piece of chocolate cake for dessert!  It was neat to see all the different types of meals and desserts they had to offer! 

When we arrived in Bath, the first things we went to go look at was the Royal Crescent, which was so cool!  It's basically just a building that is built in a crescent shape, but it was so neat to see such a different architectural style than what we see here! 

We spent the afternoon exploring Bath.  It was so unique, and I just loved everything about it!  We could have spent days seeing the city.

My father-in-law and I both kept busy taking many pictures of anything and everything we saw! Hehe! :)

This right here was my favorite view in Bath! 

It was such a fun day!  I still can't get over all of the things we got to see on this trip! 

On our last day, we went shopping in Swindon.  It was honestly a little overwhelming just because I didn't know what any of the stores were, but still a fun experience!  Thomas and I both got some great deals on some souvenirs - I got a pair of heels and he found a running shirt and some pants! 

We spent the evening with Thomas' family and grandparents, making the most out of our last time being all together.
We left in the evening and stayed in a hotel for the night because we were all flying out in the morning.  It was an absolutely amazing trip to England, special in every way, and I am so, so appreciative that my in-laws brought me along for such an incredible experience!  It was so special to have the chance to visit with Thomas's grandparents and aunt, and it was wonderful to get to explore England!  I am feeling so blessed, and I know that the memories will last a lifetime! I am sad it had to end, but it's also good to be sleeping in my own bed and eating healthy again! 

And that, my friends, concludes all my posts about England! Phew! :) 



  1. gorgeous pictures as always :-) I'm sure the memories and pictures will be nice to look upon and remember in the future!

  2. It has been fun to see all of the photos from your trip, thanks for sharing!

    Also, candy shop?! Yes Please!

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful trip! An amazing experience! So much fun! I meant to mention a couple of posts back that I like how they attach the Christmas trees on the side of the building, at an angle. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and your trip with us!

  4. What a wondeful experience for you both, Caitlin! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Glad you had such an incredible trip! Thanks for sharing all the details and pictures! :)