December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

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I have been at home this week to see my family, and it's been wonderful!  It feels so good to be back.  I've been spending time with my sister and their ADORABLE dog while they are at work! Seriously, I just love this guy.  He is so snugly and playful.  

Even more fun than playing with the dog was looking at some old pictures with my sister.  Look at this team spirit.  It's just hilarious!

Here's me and my sister when we were younger! I look so hip in that top left picture! ;)

And the best for last...this was the beginning of a few too many awkward years.  Really though, this was just the not as bad start.  There are many pictures worse than this one, especially when I went through my phase of refusing to smile in pictures and wearing boy clothes, but I'll spare you of those! 

Over the weekend Thomas and I watched a bunch of Christmas movies together.  After watching the Grinch, we went to drive around in our pajamas to look at Christmas lights.  We even came across a home that had their lights coordinated with music! So much fun.  I miss living in a house and being able to see Christmas lights everyday when we drive in and out! 

I made my parents a wreath as one of their Christmas gifts!  I am still trying to figure out how to make those bows.  Tutorials make it seem so much easier than it really is! 

My mom and I saw a tutorial to make camera strap covers months ago, and now that she has a camera like mine, we have started making them! 

We should finish this weekend! I can't wait to see how they turn out! 

My mom has a half day today, so I get to eat lunch with my parents and my sister, and then we girls are going to spend some time together - shopping, going to the movies, and baking cookies!  It should be a wonderful day, and I am so looking forward to it! 

I won't be participating in quick takes next week because we'll be in England to visit Thomas' family for Christmas!!! I can't believe we only have one more week!  I am so, so thrilled and looking forward to the experience! 



  1. Looooooove the picture in the big round glasses!!! SOooo cute!!! :-)

    Peace, Agnes

  2. How wonderful for you to be at home spending time with your family, Caitlin. Love the old pictures, too! Enjoy the time with your loved ones and that exciting trip to England! : )
    P.S. Your wreath lookes great!

  3. They pictures are so fun! Every year after Christmas, I work on a project of uploading and saving old photos, working backward. It's been so much fun taking the trip down memory lane. Enjoy the time with your sister and mother. Sounds like a good one planned. A way to kill time before you take a hop over the pond. That will be thrilling!

  4. Those pictures are stinkin adorable! I love looking at old pictures! Have a wonderful time in England. How fun!

  5. Have fun in England!! I'm actually waiting for our ride to get here so we can get to the airport and be on our way to England as well!
    Where in England are you going? I'll be in the Dorset area.

  6. Love the old pics. I am pretty sure I had that teddy bear sweater. Have a great time in England!

  7. I love your pictures!! You were just as cute then as you are now!

    Christmas light sightseeing in your PJs...I might have to steal that tradition =)

    Have so much fun with your family, Caitlin, and I hope your trip to England is a wonderful adventure!

  8. I am so excited for you that you get to go to England! It's one of my favorite places in the world.

  9. I cannot WAIT for next week because hopefully that's when Jacob and I can add your #3 to our own list of things accomplished. I'm dying to be able to do those seasonal, cozy things with the hubby -- for the first year!

  10. loving your old pictures and your blog too!!! Have fun in England!!!!

  11. So much happiness in this post!! I think the wreath (and your bow!) look perfect! Enjoy the time with your family and the trip to England!!! Can't wait to see recaps when y'all get back! :)