November 7, 2012

Election Results

I can't stand all of the nasty comments coming from both sides, so I leave you with a pin I found and loved: 


I also loved what one of my friends from school posted on Facebook: "Thankful for God's sovereignty regardless of the election results. *Jeremiah 29:11*"

That is all. Happy Wednesday! 



  1. very true but the re-election of Obama still makes me want to cry :-( :-(

  2. I saw this too and found it such a grounding reminder. He reigns! and the rest of it? is up to our hard work and steadfast faithfulness as citizens and people of God.

  3. SO glad you found me! We have a ton in common!!!! I love to bake and run too :)
    You and your husband are absolutely adorable! Can't wait to read more :)