November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes


We went out to get our Christmas tree this week!  We have only put the lights on it so far, but we'll finish decorating it this weekend.  I just love how peaceful and cozy the apartment feels with the Christmas tree lit up.  It makes the living room such an inviting place to relax and reflect.

Thomas and I started our couple's study on Advent at church this week. We'll be going through the readings for mass each week. I think it will be a great way to prepare our hearts and stay focused on what is really important throughout the season.

I love this quote from the New Testament reading this week:

"and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all men, as we do to you, so that he may establish your hearts unblamable in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints." (1 Thess. 3:12)

It's such a good reminder to focus on increasing our love for others through our actions. What better time to do so than the Christmas season?

Speaking of Advent, does anyone have suggestions on where to buy an Advent wreath? It is kind of sad that I can't find them at Walmart, Target, etc.

Thomas's 23rd birthday was on Wednesday!

We started off the celebration by eating dessert before dinner...perfectly acceptable on a birthday! :) Thomas requested this
apple caramel pie dessert instead of cake, and he was extremely excited when he saw that I really did make it for him!

We went to Panera for his birthday dinner and then went out to the movies.  He is so easy to please, and he loved his birthday!

The chapters we read of Unglued this week were on jealousy and negative self talk. I really could identify with her experiences, and I will try to write more on both topics when I have a chance. 

For now:
"God has a beautiful plan for me - a creative best I can accomplish with my life. Isn't it just like Satan to want to distract me from this? Satan is a liar who steals, kills, and destroys. He wants to steal my attention, kill my joy, and destroy my creative best by making me want what God has entrusted to someone else. In other words, it is a lie straight from Satan that I'd be happier and more content with someone else's load" (p. 136).

The sky was just breathtaking one morning this week. God really knows how to delight my heart.
This weekend should be fun, even in the midst of upcoming exams!  We're going on a double date tonight, my friend and her sister are coming to visit tomorrow, and I'm having a Christmas cookie exchange on Sunday!  


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  1. Love this post, Caitlin...First off Happy Birthday to you hubby! And that dessert you made...Yummmmm! I agree about having the Christmas tree up. It just makes the room so inviting and cozy and peaceful. Even my kids like to turn off the t.v. and put in Chrisrtmas music at night! Have a wonderful weekend...I hope you post about the cookie exchange. I have never had or attended one, and have always thought about it! Have funnn!

  2. Happy Birthday to Thomas!!! and that picture of the morning sky really is's the little things :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. happy birthday to Thomas! yaay.
    That apple pie looks delicious. I think for Jim's birthday in June I'll have to make him something similar! Or something with peanut butter. Haha.
    It's crazy to think we'll be married then.
    I love your picture! So beautiful! And good luck on exams!

  4. What a special and fun birthday for Thomas!! I love that last quote - thanks for sharing :) Sounds like a great week and that you have a great weekend in store too - enjoy!

  5. Happy birthday to Thomas! We got our advent wreath from Lifeway Christian store. I think they have them all over. But I have also seen them at Hobby Lobby and then there is always The Catholic Company online. Hope that helps! Your weekend sounds so fun! Good luck on all your exams next week!

    1. Thank you! Good luck with your exams too!:)

  6. So glad you and Thomas enjoyed his birthday!

    I haven't found an Advent wreath, either, so my project for the weekend is to make one. Pinterest was surprisingly lacking in wreaths that didn't involve children's handprints and toilet paper tube candles, so I'm striking out on a limb here =)

    Have so much fun this weekend!!

  7. Love your picture in the trees! You can find Advent wreaths at most Christian stores even if they're not Catholic. Or you can just buy a small wreath and stick candlestick holders in it and decorate to your liking.

  8. I hear you on the advent wreath! I went out last weekend and bought a small, plain wreath from JoAnn's (it's a big chain craft store, like Hobby Lobby/Michael's, if you're unfamiliar), five little glass candle holders, and five small candles. I'm just hot gluing those puppies on and calling it an advent wreath! (Alternatively, I've seen them on eBay and Amazon, but other than that, I assume you'll have to pick one up at a Catholic book store.)

    1. That is so awesome that you made one! That was what I was thinking about attempting if we could not find one!

  9. It's so true - having a Christmas tree up just cozies up an entire room! It makes me never want to take ours down :o)

  10. Happy birthday to Thomas! You are so good about getting pictures of you two together. We have hardly any pictures post marriage! I will have to get brave about asking people to do it :).

    I had to order an advent wreath, but if you have a Catholic store or even a Christian store might carry it.

    1. Haha I get nervous to ask people sometimes, but then I just tell myself that I want the picture more than I care what they are thinking! Plus no one really cares when we ask them.:)

  11. Have a great weekend! Is that your new coat? So CUTE!

  12. Hi, Caitlin~

    In regards to the advent wreath -- we have a simple brass ring with candle holders that I purchased at our local Catholic store. Then, when Trader Joe's or the local grocery store sets out their wreaths, I buy a small one (called a candle ring - it usually has greenery and those bluish berries on it) and nestle the brass ring into the wreath, pulling some branches over to cover the ring.

    Happy birthday to your husband. You are a charming couple!

    Happy almost Advent!

  13. Advent wreaths at Michaels for a do-it-yourself type, and online at Autom, though it may take too long to ship. Do you have a Catholic gift shop nearby?

    I love the pic of you shopping for trees. What joy!

    1. I didn't think we had a Catholic shop near by, but I forgot there is a little store at our church! We went there after mass and found out that they sell them!:)

  14. I was going to order an advent wreath online but then we found them at Michaels and then go figure we had to go to hobby lobby to get the candles.

    You are reading Unglued? That's awesome. I was in an online group that was reading it but didn't get the book in time. I saw the KLOVE webcast about it. It looks like a great study!

    1. Unglued is SO good! I definitely recommend it!