October 22, 2012

Weekend: Picnic and Fair

On Friday night Thomas and I went out for a picnic dinner date at the park when he got home from work.  I cooked some homemade calzones and we camped out at a picnic table on the side of the water. I loved the chance to spend time relaxing and unwinding with my sweet husband after a long week.  Simple dates like that are my absolute favorite!

On Saturday, we went to the fair with some friends in my program!  We had an awesome time, and I got to eat my once a year deep fried Milky Way bar.  So, so good.  Here are a few pictures from the day:

The cakes are always my FAVORITE part of the fair (go figure)!

I thought this Barrel of Monkeys one was the coolest! It's absolutely incredible how talented people are.

Sunday was spent at mass and then studying for the test I had this morning!  And that's pretty much it! :) 



  1. Caitlin, you and your husband remind me so much of myself and my own husband Steve, years ago when we were first married. What fun! And I am so glad you enjoyed the pumpkin bread! That is a true favorite in our house! Have a good week...

  2. I love looking at those super decorative cakes. They are so cool! I'm glad you had such a great weekend, it looks like it was tons of fun!

  3. Those cakes are amazing! And you are a great photographer =)

  4. You've inspired me to plan a picnic date with my family!! How fun!