August 5, 2012

Trip to New Bern: Days 1 and 2

I am so, so grateful for the time we were able to spend on a little romantic getaway to celebrate one year of marriage.  We are truly blessed to have each other, and it was sweet to be able to spend so much time together as just the two of us.  It was also really nice to have it coincide with the end of my semester so that I could completely relax with my best friend without having to worry about schoolwork.  We went to New Bern, which is a really, really cute town on the coast of North Carolina.  It was actually the first capitol of NC.  On the first day we were there, we walked around in the morning and checked out the waterfront and the downtown area.  We loved having the chance to explore!

We really liked scoping out all of the hand-painted bears that were around New Bern.  We're still not entirely sure why the bears are significant in New Bern, but we did enjoy seeing them!
We ate lunch at a neat cafe at the NC History Center.  It was very good (although we were really hungry and anything probably would have tasted delicious!) and the food was surprisingly inexpensive.

We also had a beautiful view of the river from our table!

After lunch we walked over to the Tryon Palace to take a tour.  It was the home of the first governor of North Carolina.  We loved getting to see all the rooms inside, but we weren't allowed to take any pictures.  I'm not the biggest history lover, but it was still interesting to see what everything was like for them back in the 1700s.  

One of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing the gardens at the palace.  They were absolutely beautiful!  We walked around before and after our tour at the palace and took many pictures.

After our tour and exploring the gardens, we went to check into our hotel.  We relaxed for a while, and then we headed to mass at the local church.  We had a microwave in our room, so I cooked dinners before we left for the trip so that we could eat in the room and not worry about paying for food every day.  We ate dinner in, and then we decided to finish it off with dollar cones from McDonald's.

Thomas teased me for bringing my camera along when we went out for ice cream, but I told him you never know what we might see on the way there. Sure enough, we saw the most beautiful double rainbow on our way back! We of course pulled over to the waterfront to take pictures along with every other tourist in New Bern.  So having that camera with us sure did come in handy! ;) 

The next morning we woke up early to the most gorgeous sunrise outside of our window! 

We had a twelve mile run scheduled for our training for that day, so we decided to give ourselves a little running tour of New Bern.  It was so much fun to explore the town, especially to see all of the beautiful southern homes! After we showered, it was time for a big breakfast to replace all that sweat, so we headed off to Baker's Kitchen.  One of my good friends said we absolutely had to go there to try their french toast, and it definitely lived up to our expectations.  They had the most delicious syrup we've ever tasted!  Yum! 

Then, we had a little bit of an interesting experience.  We were planning on going hiking in the Croatan National Forest, but we didn't really do the best job planning for it.  We figured if we just Google mapped Croatan National Forest we would find some trails.  Well, we drove down a gravel road through the middle of nowhere for about a half an hour.  We eventually came to an area where people were driving around on four wheelers, but there were no trails in sight.  We had to turn around and drive all the way back out of that dang forest.  Goodness!  Next time we need to do some better planning! 

We then came across the recreation area for the forest, so we decided to go there instead of driving to the trails that were much further away than we thought.  We walked around the pretty beach area, which was honestly probably better than going on a big hike after our run in the heat.  

When we got back we were really sleepy, so we rented Puss in Boots (don't judge, it was hilarious - we loved the Shrek movies), watched it in bed on our laptop, and may or may not have dozed off.  

After we ate dinner, the weather was beautiful, so we decided to go walk downtown and try to find a place to eat dessert. 

As it turns out, pretty much everything in New Bern is closed on Sunday night.  We went to THREE different dessert places, and all of them were closed, so we took matters into our own hands and headed off to the grocery store.  We got a pint of ice cream and went down to the river to share it.  It was really sweet, and it was a wonderful ending to an amazing day!

We used to share pints of Half Baked ice cream when we were in college, so it was fun to think back on our dating days! :)  

I'll be writing about the rest of the trip soon! 


  1. Looks like such a cute town! And those tater tots with the french toast look SO YUMMY! :)

    1. It was! :) And oh my gosh, they were so good!

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  3. Hi Caitlin! I found you through Patty's blog. I am new to blogging too!

    1. Hi Billie Jo! I will have to check out your blog! :)

  4. Ahh so much to say about this post! :) This looks like such a perfect trip!! I think vacations with your significant other are always so wonderful and a great time to reconnect. I love New Bern too - the gardens at Tryon Palace are beautiful and great for pictures! The hiking fiasco - totally something that would happen to Joey and I :) You may have said already, but what race are you and Thomas training for? And are your pictures mainly self-portraits with the timer? They always look so good!

    1. Ahh I know, it was so nice to get away from the stress of school and work! The gardens were gorgeous. We are doing the Anthem Richmond Marathon in the fall, which is supposed to be America's Friendliest Marathon! :) And yes, we just use the timer on the camera when there's no one around to ask!