July 3, 2012

Fourth of July Dessert Ideas

If you haven't already, check out Mandi's guest post Marriage as a Gift from yesterday for the Catholic Marriage Series! 
We are going to the beach with my family for the Fourth of July, so I am probably not going to bake anything fun and festive.  However, if you are looking for a fun dessert, here are some ideas!  I have not tried any of the recipes, but they all look really good!  

Watermelon Stars - Use a cookie cutter.  These look so easy and cute! Plus they're healthy! ;)  Add them to a bowl with blueberries if you want to have more of the red, white, and blue look.  

Ice Cream Sandwiches - Little kids would love these!

Decorate a cake like the American Flag! You could use any type of cake and any recipe for vanilla, cream cheese, or any other white frosting.  

Are you making anything special for the fourth?



  1. My aunt made the first one. Check out my pinterest board...recipes to try...username mlindley. Ours was a light version...it was AMAZING!!!

  2. I found some red, white, and blue star shaped marshmallows for patriotic s'mores! That, and a bowl of red and blue berries with cream.

    Very pretty ideas you've collected here!

  3. I think I made that same blueberry/strawberry/whipped cream topping cake! All that you posted is so delicious looking if not down right cute! I love the cut out watermelon stars :)