May 28, 2012

Flower Fields, Trip to a Historic Town, Kayaking, and the Rest of the Weekend

My husband and I went to a really cute historic waterfront town for a day trip on Saturday.  We drove for a while through the absolute middle of nowhere to get there, but some of the scenery was incredibly beautiful.  We drove past a gorgeous field of flowers, and I convinced Thomas that we absolutely had to turn around to stop and take a few pictures. 

When we got into town we stopped at the visitor's center to get a map and find out where we should go.  We walked around the downtown area which was kind of like a small-scale Charleston.  It was so cute!

After walking through the downtown area, we got to the waterfront and walked around to check everything out.  The views were absolutely spectacular.  

We also loved looking at all of the beautiful, humongous historic homes next to the waterfront.

We stopped to sit and relax on the back porch of a pretty, waterfront, southern home that was turned into a bookstore.  We talked with some sweet older folks on the porch who have lived in town for many years.  All the people we ran into were so friendly, and I told Thomas I think we need to move there after I graduate!

Look at how beautiful the view was! I could get used to that pretty quickly. 

After stopping at a cute soda shop for sandwiches, we headed off to the harbor to rent some canoes.  

We found out there actually weren't any canoes to rent, so we ended up getting kayaks for the first time.  The man put our kayaks in the water, got us all ready to go, and then asked "You've done this before, right?"  We said no, and he just started laughing, so we wondered what we were getting ourselves into!  

We had so much fun and neither of us fell out, so I'd consider it a success.  We took more of a "lazy river" approach than an intense one, and we really enjoyed being out on the water.  

The weather was beautiful, and it was such a picture perfect day.  We didn't want to head back home!  The rest of the weekend has been really relaxing.  Yesterday Thomas had a soccer game and it was pouring with rain!  I was sitting with another player's girlfriend, and we were hunched under our umbrellas laughing away.  The game was cut short, and Thomas was soaking wet, but he had so much fun playing out there! His team won and he scored a goal. :)  This picture really doesn't do justice to how wet he was.

Last night we had a pajama night in and watched a movie.  This morning we went for a long run, and then we hung out and went to the pool for a little bit.  We made these pretzels as our Memorial Day treat.  They are a copycat recipe of Auntie Ann's pretzels, and they were absolutely delicious!

And of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without us spending a little bit of time at the pond to feed the ducks and geese.  Thomas feeds them right out of his hands, but I just can't get myself to do that!

Seeing this beautiful rainbow was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend!

Finally, many thanks to all of those in the military who have sacrificed their lives for our country.   I'm so grateful I have the chance to spend my time doing the things I love thanks to everyone who has fought for our freedom.

I'm off to Bible study with Thomas!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! :)



  1. What a great weekend! Did you visit Little Washington?! My brother and sister-in-law love taking day trips there; in fact, they went yesterday! Bath is also a quaint, fun town to visit!

    Those pretzels look delicious! I smelled Auntie Ann's in the airport yesterday, so I'll need to try that recipe! :)

    1. No we went to Edenton, but we will definitely have to check those towns out for another day trip! I hope you had fun in Chicago! :)