May 20, 2012

6 Years of Togetherness!

I can't believe it, but today makes six years of being together for us.  Six years ago I was nervous and excited while getting ready for junior prom, so thrilled to be going with my cute date.  I would never have thought that one day that sweet boy would be my wonderful husband.  Does anyone else still celebrate their dating anniversary?  We can't help ourselves, we don't want to lose all those years since we got married last summer!  We decided we'll celebrate both, but we'll just do something small for our dating anniversaries. 

Anyway, I mentioned before that we take pictures at the same park every year.  Well, here they are! This is the park where we went on our first date after prom together.   I give you full permission to laugh because it's a little dorky and we look exactly the same as we did in high school. :)  







It will be so fun to take family pictures in that spot in the future, and even when we're a little old couple!  We're just hoping the gazebo will still be standing in the 50+ years we hope to be married (if a long life is in God's plan)!

Anyways, Thomas summed it up my feelings in his sweet card this morning, "I thought prom night was the best night of my life, but it just keeps getting better and better!"  I can't wait to see where the next six+ years take us! :)



  1. We do!!! This year marks nine years we've been together. Very important to me. :-)

  2. What I blessing to have these pictures! :) By the way, thanks Caitlin for following my blog.
    Did you two get married during or after college, since I see you're a graduate student now.

    Liz B

    1. Thanks for following mine too Liz! :) We got married about 2 months after graduating from college.

  3. So cute!! Happy 6 year date-a-versary! :)

  4. That's so cute! So cool to see how you have progressed throughout the years :)
    Happy dating anniversary!

  5. How super duper sweet is that! Yeah for traditions and yeah for you thinking of them so early in your life together :)

  6. That is SO CUTE that you guys take a picture there every year!!!! I especially love the wedding picture there. We do plan to continue celebrating our date-iversary (and also our meet-iversary and engage-iversary lol)... we are big fans of special events that helped lead us to married life :).

    1. Thanks Stacy! It's too fun to not celebrate all those things, especially this early in a relationship! :)

  7. You guys are so adorable!! I love your yearly park pictures!

  8. Adorable! I might have to steal your idea starting this year!