April 1, 2012

Weekend Fun

The fun of this weekend was running a 5K with some friends in my program.  We tie dyed t-shirts on Friday and found some awesome hot pink headbands from the dollar store to wear for the race.  

It rained a little bit, but it thankfully wasn't pouring and it felt pretty good during the race.   And let's be real, rain wouldn't stop us because we looked pretty intense. :)  They're so much fun and we had such a good time!

My husband came along to run the 10K part of the race.  He did awesome and finished in 5th place overall! I was so excited for him! 

We've also been taking a lot of walks recently.  We looked up how long it takes for duck eggs to hatch and found out that it takes about a month.  We are determined to see some ducklings!  Here's a picture of the duck eggs I mentioned on Friday.  We're going to keep going back to check on them. 

I think Spring might just be my favorite season. I love how pretty it is outside with everything blooming, and I love the temperature outside. 

Happy Palm Sunday! I hope everyone has a blessed Holy Week. We've got our palms up above our door.  Our priest said we should put them in a spot we see everyday and that they should serve as a daily reminder that Jesus died on the cross out of love for us, and that His great love is present in our lives every single day.  We should let that love shine through us and glorify him in all that we say and do. 


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